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Breaking News: ServiceNow Releases Madrid – Get a Peek Inside Lucky Number Thirteen

ServiceNow Madrid Release

Breaking News: Today, March 6th, 2019, ServiceNow released their thirteenth platform upgrade – Madrid.

With lucky number thirteen, ServiceNow simultaneously expands its enterprise reach while returning to its roots: making agents, internal service providers, and developers more effective problem-solvers for both internal and external constituents.

ServiceNow is not, of course, abandoning progress on the end-user experience, but ServiceNow Madrid’s most newsworthy new features and functions are focused on the back-office, especially in these three areas:

  1. Dramatic improvements in mobile
  2. “Intelligent” agent support
  3. Significant improvements in HR Service Delivery and Customer Service Management

ServiceNow Madrid upgrade screen

Even though the documentation and PDI’s have been out for a few months now, we’re here to give you the first look behind the curtain at what is new, different and improving, in ServiceNow’s latest upgrade. As certified testers and one of ServiceNow’s premier partners – these insights come straight from our experts. Download the complete bulletin to get all the insights, or skim a preview below.

Insight Number One: Mobile is Playing Catch-Up (and doing a good job at it).

Mobile isn’t new to ServiceNow, but until recently it’s been the chubby, runny-nosed kid brother struggling to catch up and play with its older siblings: the enterprise platform and the Service Portal.

If mobile has been laggard, it hasn’t been for lack of interest; the difficulty lies in reconciling the general characteristics of a successful mobile platform with the intensely specific requirements of each service area: IT, customer service, HR and so on.

Madrid attempts to split the difference with the release of Mobile Studio and mobile-first applications in the areas of most urgent need: ITSM and field service. With the latter apps, agents in the field will have easier access to the data, tools, and functions they need to fulfill their obligations.

The broader Mobile Studio initiative enables ServiceNow Madrid clients to build native, mobile-first experiences through a variety of packaged components and templates. Field agents can now work offline and sync later, facilitating responses to tasks and tickets “on the go.” And, at least for now, the Studio will be included in the platform license at no extra charge.

  Important note:

Moving forward, ServiceNow mobile applications will not merely “wrap” a desktop application with a mobile look and feel but constitute a genuine mobile-first experience. In terms of flexibility and functionality, this is good news indeed – but it does mean that ServiceNow clients should anticipate future development within three separate yet related pathways: the multi-monitor support center experience, Service Portal, and your mobile applications.

More Where That Came From; Agent Intelligence, HR Campaign Tasking, and CSM Case Management in ServiceNow Madrid

Madrid is here, and it’s time to jump on board. It’s never to early to start planning for your next upgrade, and the perfect place to start is by downloading this complete bulletin. Inside you will find a recap of insight number one, plus other sections on what’s new in ServiceNow HR, what’s improved in CSM, and maybe even a thing or two about automation enhancements.

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