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Breaking News: ServiceNow Releases New York – Explore the Big Apple Release

Breaking News: Today, September 4th, 2019, ServiceNow released their fourteenth platform upgrade – New York.

ServiceNow New York Release eBook coverWhich means that’s we’re back with our ServiceNow release guide, covering the major improvements and additions to the ServiceNow platform. For the “big apple” we’ve got big news; major IT Business Management changes, Asset perks, GRC upgrades, and 15 other major advancements that you need to know about.

To get started, download your full (free) copy of the New York Release Guide or skim a preview below.

Big Changes for the Big Apple Release

As the second release of 2019, ServiceNow New York continues to both enhance existing functionality across the entire platform, as well as strategically improve critical, competitive areas.

In the New York Release, ServiceNow pushes itself in overall technical innovation. While they continue to use the semi-annual updates to focus on functionality, smart observers should also pay attention to the company’s recent relationship-building with major strategic partnerships such as Microsoft and Adobe.

At the same time that their platform is segmented into distinct enterprise product areas such as HR, IT, Customer Service, and Security Operations, the ServiceNow marketing focus has broadened the categories to three “workflows”; Employee, Customer, and IT. This workflow-focused approach is reflected in the major New York highlights. While there are improvements specific to each product, there are also enterprise-wide functionality improvements such as;

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC)
  • Out-of-the-Box (OOB) Mobility

ServiceNow New York Insight #1: Natural Language Processing Connects Humans and Process in ServiceNow

ServiceNow New York Release eBook page preview on phoneNLP seeks to bridge the gap between computer and human interaction, with the ultimate goal to read, decipher, and understand human behavior in a valuable way. Think chatbots, automated workflows and responses, personalized suggestions or displays, and auto-completed tasks.

ServiceNow brings that value of human and machine connection with NLP by offering new NLP functionality across the entire platform. This alignment of both trusted data processing and human interactions should be considered a major step forward for AI.

In ServiceNow New York, Natural Language, (both NLP and Natural Language Understanding [NLU]) makes strides by including enhancements in AI, which contribute to smarter, more streamlined chatbots, workflows, and Virtual Agents. Now, there is an NLU model builder and an NLU inference service that teaches the platform to learn and respond to human-expressed intent – such as requests submitted through self-service chatbots.

By entering natural language examples into the system, you help it to understand word meanings and contexts so it can infer user or system actions and take secondary actions or reply in a more natural and engaging conversational experience.

More Where That Came From; Enterprise Security, Agent mobility, and CSM Case Management in ServiceNow New York.

ServiceNow New York is here, and it’s time to get ready. It’s never to early to start planning for your next upgrade, and the perfect place to start is by downloading this complete upgrade bulletin. Inside you will find a recap of insight number one (above), plus other sections on what’s improved in CSM, new it ITBM, and maybe even a thing or two about integrations and nomenclature.

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