Breaking News: ServiceNow Releases Paris

Breaking News: Today, September 16th, 2020, ServiceNow released their sixteenth platform upgrade – Paris.

Welcome to ServiceNow Paris!

At a time when business, home, and technology have merged into a blended space for many, ServiceNow’s latest Platform release recognizes the need for simplicity and action. Despite our global health crisis, business continues (and sometimes accelerates), and our technology is becoming even more of an enabling factor helping us keep up with the changing pace of work.

In some ways, the Paris release represents a different kind of product update for ServiceNow, as there have been several code releases in the past six months.

We have also seen ServiceNow clients leverage the Platform to solve increasingly complex business problems by innovating on the Platform and creating new workflows to keep employees and workspaces safe. All of the intermediary, COVID-19 driven releases we have seen – new emergency relief apps, employee experience packs, safe workplace apps, and return to work strategies – are included in the Paris upgrade, and are amplified by additional product changes.

Download the full eBook to get the highlights of how ServiceNow is moving from a ‘nice-to-have’ business technology to the technology backbone of the modern enterprise, or get a sneak peek below.

Growing Up: Hardware Asset Management Becomes a Standalone Product

ServiceNow Paris introduces Hardware Asset Management (HAM) as a standalone product. After years of living within IT Asset Management (ITAM), HAM is growing up, allowing for more specialized features and room for future R&D. With this move comes a multitude of new features. From dedicated tabs for key asset life cycle milestones to Hardware Normalization, read below for a look into five of the latest HAM features.

For companies trying to manage everything from server loads to where they sent those 3,000 devices during the switch to remote work, the rich capabilities provided by ServiceNow’s HAM will become an essential rather than nice-to-have. – Ellen Daley, CEO, Acorio

Asset Life Cycle Automation

Keep your asset data accurate by automating the update of your asset records throughout the asset’s lifecycle. Automated workflows and asset tasks help you to keep accurate records of your assets and reduce manual updates to assets and their associated CIs.

On top of that, Asset Life Cycle Automation allows teams to leverage Flow Designer to configure low-code asset lifecycle workflow and eliminate manual processes (and the associated risk of data inaccuracy) when ordering assets, making bulk stock orders, deploying, swapping, or retiring assets, and disposing of assets.

Hardware Asset Dashboard

Get a comprehensive view of your hardware assets through the entire asset life cycle. You can get insights into your asset inventory, disposal status of assets, approaching timelines for end-of-life stages, and pending purchase orders.

There’s More

Want to learn more about HAM Model Normalization, Auditing Asset Inventory or Quick Start Tests? It’s all in the ebook, including more dashboard visuals. Also in the eBook, chapters on the new virtual agent in HR, advancements in GRC, Service Portal, Analytics, and more.

Don’t miss the highlights! eBook is available here.