Breaking News: ServiceNow Releases Quebec

Breaking News: Today ServiceNow released their seventeenth platform upgrade. Welcome to ServiceNow Quebec!

ServiceNow Quebec, the company’s first release in 2021, comes at a time when business, home, and technology have sometimes blended into a united Pandemic space. This societal shift has accelerated digital transformation initiatives across the board for businesses around the world.

Embracing the company’s new in-market message of “Driving the Workflow Revolution,” the Quebec release enhances and builds upon some of ServiceNow’s off-cycle releases from 2020. This new update set can also be seen as reaffirming the Platform’s best qualities – simplicity and a default toward driving real action in the workplace, even among the continued effects of COVID-19.

While remote work is essential, doing it well requires organizations to formalize a structure for it that mitigates its major challenges, such as outdated technology, lack of face-to-face interaction, and employee trust issues, as well as responses specific to the pandemic and changing economic conditions. And they are using ServiceNow to do that.

Ready to jump in? In our bi-annual ServiceNow Release Series, you will find a selection of key highlights from the ServiceNow Quebec release. For more information or specific questions regarding the update, please contact us here.

As a little sneak peek inside the book and ServiceNow Quebec, check out the introduction to the first chapter below!

ServiceNow’s Mobile Capabilities Catapult

For several releases now, ServiceNow’s mobile capabilities have been increasing – a few enhancements here, a few tweaks there. But with ServiceNow Quebec, we see new additions in mobile functionality to not only access your instance from anywhere and everywhere but enhance productivity when you do.

Advanced AI Text Search Capability

Use the AI Search engine in the Now Mobile platform to help users find answers in a visually appealing way. AI Search also supports the use of buttons within results, enabling users to proceed quickly with their tasks.

The mobile platform supports two search engines, AI Search and Zing, to help users easily and quickly find the information they need within an applet launcher. AI Search is available in the Now Mobile platform and utilizes the data sources of catalog items, KB articles, and users.

AI Search offers the following intent-based results to aid users during a search:

  • Navigation tab filters. Filters are broad categories that the user selects to eliminate pages or results on a site.
  • Auto-complete. AI Search predicts the query as the user enters text and helps to formulate the user’s question.
  • Recent and popular searches. After the user taps the search bar and before entering text, suggested search options display according to the user’s personal search history and queries by all users on the instance.
  • Auto-correct typos. AI Search auto-corrects typos based on its indexed content.
  • Synonym handling. The search engine is able to look for similar words entered and produce results accordingly.
  • Genius cards and action items. Genius result cards display the most relevant answers in an attractive visual layout. They can also offer users the option to perform actions within the card.

Yes, there is more! Download the full Quebec eBook to discover the best of ServiceNow Quebec.