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Breaking News: ServiceNow Releases Rome Upgrade

Welcome to ServiceNow Rome! We are so thrilled to announce that today ServiceNow publicly released their next platform upgrade, and it’s chock-full of noteworthy and excitingly new features.

As companies begin to return, or eye a return, to their physical offices, ServiceNow Rome serves as an intentional step towards re-defining the future of modern workplaces. As business strategies have advanced through various phases of the pandemic, today even more companies grapple with hybrid work rather than trying to provision remote-only workers.

In this workplace renaissance, ServiceNow is building their platform to position its customers for the future. ServiceNow recognizes the importance of further enabling modern enterprises to deliver digital workflows, unlock productivity and protect the things that matter most: our employees, our customers, and our communities. When it comes to Rome, employees, customers, and communities are served through a gamut of upgrades including the Employee Center in the ServiceNow Store.

To jump right in and learn how ServiceNow’s latest release takes digital transformation to new heights, download our bi-annual ServiceNow release bulletin, this time around full of all things Rome.