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Good, Better, Best: Understanding Your ServiceNow Roadmap [Free Checklist]

In the wake of ServiceNow’s newest release, New York, Customers have asked if they should upgrade, when they can upgrade, and/or how they upgrade. Outside of technical guidance, we always do one thing when it comes to platform upgrades: review their ServiceNow roadmap.

Whether you are just taking on the ServiceNow platform or already years into using it, creating your roadmap is critical. It is easy to lose focus of where you are heading, especially when we live in a world in which the pressure to respond to business demands faster is constant. Everything is growing exponentially; risks, data, infrastructure complexity, clients. Well, maybe not everything. Your budget probably isn’t growing as fast as everything else…which is all the more reason to start your ServiceNow project off on the right foot.

Start by defining your ServiceNow initiatives roadmap. Whether you do this first step internally, or jump right into it with your ServiceNow Advisory partner, it is critical to understand what your business vision and imperatives are, and then how those actually manifest across the different ServiceNow suites. As you begin the actual project work, you’ll be referring back to your roadmap to measure your progress, report status back to stakeholders, and allocate resources.

While every roadmap is bound to change a bit along the way, starting off with a strong plan is crucial. To help you evaluate the roadmap you are creating (or might already have) we’ve created an easy, 10 Question Checklist and scorecard for you. Download the full document here (or read a few examples below).

Since the New York release is top of mind, it’s worth saying that although the bi-annual releases make it easy to maintain your upgrade, there are still many steps that must happen before you are ready to upgrade production. Clients and partners both get excited about new features because many of them can bring tremendous value to your organization (e.g. Natual Language Processing, ITBM updates, mobile, etc.). The challenge is that we have to remember that implementing new features and new versions take time and planning, both to implement within ServiceNow and to introduce and socialize effectively inside of your organization.

Which is why we have roadmaps. 

Here are a few of the sample questions we use to score ServiceNow roadmaps. For each one, discuss with your team if the answer is “yes” or “no”. If the answer is no, should you adjust your roadmap to include it? Will it impact your budget, resource allocations or timeline? If the answer is yes, ask yourself if you could do more or if it needs to be updated given recent progress on your roadmap or changes within the team.

Is your upgrade strategy reflected in your roadmap?

Are there financial metrics?

Is there a process for how the roadmap can be changed? (ie. Governance)

To get started right away, download our brand new exclusive guide to creating and scoring your ServiceNow roadmap strategy. The guide walks through the five critical steps to creating your roadmap, how to score your strategy and examples of project timelines from Acorio clients.

ServiceNow roadmap checklist on tablet

If you’re looking for even more ServiceNow roadmap resources, check out our recent webinar, Future-Proof Your ServiceNow Strategy: How to Build a Strategic Roadmap, where our experts talk about how roadmaps are changing, roadmap examples from clients with varying levels of maturity, the keys to success like governance and organizational change management, and what you can still accomplish before the end of the year.