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The ServiceNow Rundown: Diversity, Integrations, and Stock Outlooks

Welcome back to our ServiceNow Rundown, where we will take a few minutes to catch you up on ServiceNow news from the past month – acquisitions, stock positioning, press releases, and other things the insiders are talking about.

ServiceNow is always on our mind, but never more so than this time of year. Currently, much of our Leadership and Sales teams are joining forces with ServiceNow Sales and Executives at the annual Sales Kick Off event in Las Vegas. Perhaps plotting world domination, or simply the best way to deliver great results to more companies, we’re sitting on our hands back here at headquarters to hear what news they come back with.

Now, here’s what has happened in the past month.

ServiceNow, Inc. (NOW) Stock Remains, Well, Very Tantalizing.

ServiceNow’s stock has had a rollercoaster of a year. In a good way (which is not usually something you say about rollercoaster stock trends). In the past 12 months NOW reached its lowest price at 134$ in January of 2018, and then quickly climbed to its highest bar at $206 on September 13, 2018. Since then it has held steady, on any given trading day closing between $190 and $205.

This is especially true in the past several weeks where the market saw universal drops, the longevity of this stock is clear. The analysts are agreeing, with the average analyst opinion landing at a 1.69. What does this mean? It means that 14 market analysts gave NOW a “Buy” rating, 14 gave it a “Outperform”, 4 recommended that investors “Hold” and 0 rated it as “Underperform” or to “Sell”.

In fact, that analyst opinion was the exact same a month ago too. Get a full technical analysis of the companies moving average and their D/E ratio here.

ServiceNow’s Continued Diversity Brings Power to HR Processes

Anyone following along with the ESM giant knows that the company has grown far beyond their ITSM roots, branching into Customer Service, Security, HR and more.

This article in Forbes points to the power of the diverse platform, in this case by bringing seamless onboarding experiences and giving your employees the best first impression. In a Survey done by Edelman and ServiceNow, the company found that 58% of employees wish that their work was more meaningful… and what better place to first instill a sense of purpose than at your onboarding?

When asked about their experiences when starting a new job, 33% said they received no essential training; 28% said they did not even receive clearly defined job responsibilities and goals. Another 26% percent reported not having a clear onboarding program, and 19% said they didn’t feel fully onboarded even after three months on the job.

ServiceNow is on a mission to change those odds.

OneTrust Now Integrates with ServiceNow

OneTrust is the largest and most widely-used dedicated privacy management technology platform, and now their security is available for all ServiceNow customers, through the new OneTrust for ServiceNow (now available in the app store).

The goal of the integration is to allow the IT and Privacy Teams of both platforms to work together from their preferred management platforms. There are four key highlights of the integration:

  1. CMDB Business Application Synchronization. With the new integration apps in ServiceNow CMBD can be automatically synced to OneTrust for data mapping and asset inventory purposes. Asset owners are prompted to complete any missing privacy-related fields, such as hosting location.
  2. Data Subject Rights Delegation. OneTrust’s Data Subject Rights (DSAR) module will maintain a complete audit trail for record keeping requirements. Data subject requests entered into OneTrust will automatically create a ticket within ServiceNow for security teams to complete based on linked inventories and assets.
  3. Incident and Breach Response Integration. If an incident received in ServiceNow includes personal data or other privacy-related elements, OneTrust will be automatically triggered for additional diligence in the OneTrust Incident and Breach module.
  4. Self-Service Portal Integration. Now, OneTrust privacy tasks, such as privacy impact assessments, privacy by design or data subject rights requests, can be started within ServiceNow. The self-service portal enables security teams to start privacy tasks within ServiceNow with single sign-on into OneTrust.

Read the full article on the new integration capabilities here.

Stay Tuned for ServiceNow’s Q4 and 2018 Fiscal Year Financial Results

ServiceNow announced that they will be releasing their financial results for both 2018 Q4 and 2018 as a fiscal year after markets close on January 30th, 2019.

The conference call will be accessible by either phone number or, if you prefer, a live teleconference link. See here for complete call-in details.

And that just about rounds up the most significant news for ServiceNow for the past month. For the rest of January and into February we’ll be keeping a close eye on ServiceNow’s stock options, as well as waiting to see what twists and turns are presented turning their quarterly earnings report. You can expect a full recap of the call for next month’s roundup. If you have any specific ServiceNow news questions feel free to email me at [email protected], even if you just want to share your thoughts on other major ServiceNow developments.

Just in case you’re still in the mood for some analysis, feel free to download our ServiceNow Insight and Vision executive summary.

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