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The ServiceNow Rundown: Cloud Wars, Appsee, and Sparking Joy

It’s almost the end of the month, which can mean only one thing – I am back with our monthly ServiceNow Rundown. For those who are new to the Rundown, I spend just a few minutes catching you up on the ServiceNow news from the past month. In the past, we’ve covered stock positioning, press releases, platform updates, and other things that insiders are talking about.

Now, onto the news. Here are three trending ServiceNow topics from the past month.

ServiceNow is featured on Cloud War’s Top 10 Executive Insights

ServiceNow Chief Innovation Officer, Dave Wright, interviewed with Cloud Wars (who publishes a weekly Top 10 ranking on the most influential cloud vendors in the world) to discuss ServiceNow’s approach to keeping the company both relevant and agile.

They talk digital transformation, the tectonic shift of ‘the way of work’ today, for which ServiceNow has undoubtedly been a powerful catalyst, and their enterprise-wide workflows that imitate seamless consumer experiences that employees are accustom to.

In addition, during the 30 minutes interview, Wright also dives into a few of ServiceNow’s newest key partnerships – such as with Deloitte and Adobe. What is noticeably missing, however, is an in-depth commentary on ServiceNow’s news acquisition of the mobile analytics startup Appsee.

Another Acquisition for the Books

While ServiceNow now has several key acquisitions under their belt, their deal with Appsee might just be the most carefully worded one yet.

Appsee, like its name implies, allows back-end users and developers to see what the user is seeing and doing within a platform, capturing key information on usage and possible problem areas within a platform. Among many other functions, it reports DAU’s (daily active users) and crash rates alongside the visual record of what the user was actually seeing on the screen.

Under the terms of the deal, ServiceNow announced that they acquired the intellectual property and key personnel of the mobile analytics company – including the co-founders and R&D team. However, ServiceNow did not purchase Appsee customers, and it is expected that the company will be closing down its entire business over the next 8-12 months.

It is likely that ServiceNow’s goal is to take the company’s functionality and directly incorporate it into their own Now Platform, as a way to improve the UI as well as build more useable apps. We would also hope that ServiceNow will use the analytic capabilities to gain a level of visibility into their own customers’ use and engagement with the platform, providing key insights into user behavior and further shaping the ServiceNow platform.

So what is going to happen to Appsee customers? The R&D acquisition leaves many brands without a platform to measure app effectiveness. However, several companies have committed to honor Appsee customer contracts if they commit to moving over to their new platforms for a certain period of time. For example, Decibel will honor contracts in exchange for a 12-month commitment.

Sparking Joy at Work

As a BrandVoice for Forbes, ServiceNow has featured several articles regarding their platform making the world of work, work better. Their most recent article, however, “Does Your Workplace Spark Joy?” takes it to another level – not only with the pop-culture Marie Kondo reference but by drawing the conclusion that digital workflows are the key to creating an inspired and engaged workforce.

And I don’t disagree.

Today’s world is always accessible, always right at our fingertips, with a single click or swipe “we can have a pizza delivery, book a flight to Japan, or even find a date.” So why is it that so many employees in thousands of the worlds top companies still have to click through folder after folder just to find their insurance documents or submit an IT ticket?

“When I say digital transformation, I mean digitally connecting with customers, providing a better digital experience for employees, and using digital workflows to drive productivity and efficiency. This means businesses can dedicate their scarce resources, talent, and capital to innovating for their customers—and not dealing with the complexity of running a global enterprise,” says John Donahoe, CEO, ServiceNow.

Today’s employees are also sophisticated consumers who expect high-tech services and experiences. Creating a sophisticated digital environment where employees feel valued and motivated, requires simplifying, streamlining and automating processes across the entire company. It can not be done in isolation. Individual members of the C-suite must collaborate if they want to create these experiences.

Does this seem like a lot of work? Well, it is.

Organizations that undertake this have to re-think and re-design (and often digitize for the first time) their workflows and processes, keeping employees at the center. It means shifts across the boardrooms.

But, it will lead to greater efficiency and profitability, it will accelerate your human capital potential and enable your employees to make decisions.

Read more about why digital workflows are worth the ride if it means sparking joy in your employees.

A refresher for those who are fashionably late to the party

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