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Success Stories from the ServiceNow Savvy and Au Courant

Whoever said that business slows down in the summer is sorely mistaken. While you do need to work around the inevitable vacations and out of office email replies, there is no reason not to continue full steam ahead with your business and ServiceNow goals during the summer months.

In fact, we have some pretty exciting projects that are underway this summer, including a Service Portal for a university’s applied physics lab, PPM at a global chemical company, CMDB at a law firm, and dozens of other enterprise transformations utilizing HRSD, CSM, and ITSM.

So today, to show you what a few of our clients have been up to so far this summer, we’ve gathered five of our recent ServiceNow Go-Lives:  

HAM, SCCM Integration and CMDB Phase 1 for a Game Developer

Prior to working with Acorio, this video and online game developer was using their ServiceNow instance primarily as a “luxury ticketing system.” But with over 20 locations and nearly 2,500 employees, they no longer had the luxury of under-utilizing the platform.

With a new platform owner eager to take advantage of the platform, they started to improve their IT service level, including self-service options and increased automation, to reduce low value-added tasks. Following Acorio’s “crawl-walk-run” approach, together we identified three key phases, with a phase one goal of tracking Windows machine ownership via the successful deployment of HAM with a SCCM integration.

HR Service Delivery Phase 1 in a ServiceNow Savvy Pharmaceutical Company

As an existing ServiceNow user and Acorio client, this biopharmaceutical company has revenue in excess of $3.04 billion dollars and more than 2,500 employees. With a history of capitalizing on ServiceNow platform capabilities, they set their sights on an HR Service Delivery deployment.

The key objectives were;

  • Enable their HR teams with a best-in-class system of work
  • Improve employee engagement and responsiveness to key issues
  • Enhance key metrics and reporting capabilities for continual performance improvement
  • Create an internal and external knowledge base for rapid and consistent response
  • Deploy an HR Service Portal for employees

To meet these goals, Acorio defined a phased approach which included HR Service Management, Knowledge Management, Service Portal and a one-way Workday integration. Before deployment, the company opted to run a limited release, with a sample of global employees having access to the new features, in order to test functionality.

ITSM Implementation for a Public State University

In just six weeks, the Acorio team had this ITSM implementation up and running. Under a previous solution, this Public State University and Health Center had 16,500 incidents that were in an “opened” state (some of which dated back five years!)

Despite an extremely condensed timeline, Acorio and the university’s IT team worked closely together to implement Incident, Major Incident, Knowledge, CMDB, Change Management, as well as an integration with xMatters.

We’re happy to report that in addition to coming in under budget, this project had no defects during CAT testing. Now officially up and running, this ITSM solution is making sure that this university has a unifying effort for IT.

CMDB and Asset Combined Health Check at an IT Solutions Provider

This existing Acorio customer came to us with a clear objective, to undergo a Health Check analysis investigating their existing ServiceNow instances. As with any Health Check, Acorio underwent not only a technical investigation of the instance, but also had discussions with current process owners, subject matter experts, and CMDB owners to better understand the context and processes in which the platform was being used on a day-to-day basis.

We recommend consistent Health Checks for all ServiceNow users for exactly the reasons that this customer experienced. We were able to identify key organizational pain points (as well as recommendations for improvements) and presented them back to the customer, broken down by the level of effort required to address the issues.

London Upgrade at a National Crafts Supply Chain

Completing their third instance upgrade with Acorio, this national craft supply chain was looking to upgrade from Jakarta to London without any business interruption. Acorio provided a swift system upgrade, along with CAT Remediation and Go-Live Support for the project rollout.

The result? A successful upgrade that came in under budget, with plans to repurpose the remaining hours for a health check.

If you’re looking to stay at the top of your ServiceNow game this summer, we’re here for you. In addition to our monthly webinars and tri-weekly blogs, just last week we published a new eBook about empowering your employee experience with ServiceNow’s HRSD platform.

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