Bridging Education’s Digital Divide

Academic institutions around the world are faced with conflicting challenges. Issues surrounding affordability, inclusivity, and accessibility have been exacerbated by the novel coronavirus and mixed expectations for a safe return to campus.

Today’s students are expecting more (and better) services from their chosen universities. They want to see digital technology integrated into the learning environment, especially with completely virtual offerings becoming the norm at some universities. On the other hand, governments are spending significantly less money on higher education, leaving the same universities that are straining to lead the digital revolution to seek alternative sources of funding.

Meeting the expectations of today’s student body

And these aren’t the only issues plaguing schools. The student of today is changing. Almost half of matriculating students in 2020 are first-generation college-goers, more than half work full or part-time, and one quarter have children of their own. To be considered a competitive and desired destination for this diverse group of learners, you need to provide them with a world-class education, adequately prepare them for the workplace, and provide an engaging and rewarding experience even outside of the classroom.

How can you put your institution ahead of the competitive curve and maintain a thriving, safe environment in the long-term?

Implications of COVID-19 on Education
Demand New Actions

As you seek to outmaneuver the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, keep these key concepts in mind:

Responding quickly to an ever-changing situation, with the ability to communicate those responses clearly.

Developing high-quality online (versus remote) courses.

Providing high-quality student experiences digitally, while clearly communicating new features.

Reevaluating financial aid for those with payment concerns and reaching out to waitlisted students in your nearby geography.

Adjusting the student lifecycle process to accommodate long-term effects.

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Redefining the Student Experience with Acorio’s ServiceNow One-Stop Industry Solution

Perhaps the number one challenge facing any university? Competition. The Higher Education space is extremely competitive, making every interaction with prospects, students, parents, and alumni critical to your institution’s success.

Acorio’s Student One-Stop Solution, a ServiceNow Industry Solution, can help you change the playing field. Many of the challenges can be mitigated with our solution:

  • Building strong brand recognition with white-glove treatment
  • Focusing on retaining students with a stellar experience
  • Staying connected with students and parents easily
  • Reducing costs and improving retention through rapid resolutions and intelligent automation.

Join leading universities across the country as they change their approach to every single element of the student lifecycle with a student-first approach.

Understanding the Benefits
of a Unified Student Solution

Improve student insight and retention

Enhance student and parent interaction

Create communities of campus engagement

Modernize and coordinate student services

Improve student satisfaction and NPS for the institution

Case Study: Curating the Student Experience and Increasing Satisfaction

See how Suffolk University consolidated three disparate service desks into one instance to provide a streamlined, curated experience to 15,000+ students.

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