February’s #NOWTips: Monthly Roundup, Plus a Look Ahead!

As part of our mission, we’ve continued to bring you innovative tips and tricks on improving your ServiceNow instance, through our #NOWTipswithAcorio. Each one, produced by an A-Team member, offers a unique way of approaching your instance, some with code snippets, others with mere suggestions of new applications and developments to take your platform to greater heights.

Last month we brought you the faces behind the #NOWTipswithAcorio, and we’re excited to announce we have a few more to add to the mix! Make sure to scroll down to the bottom to see the newest additions to our tips and tricks team.

Now let’s review some of our favorites from the past month!

February #NOWTipswithAcorio in Review

Skim our top five tips from the past month, or check out the whole feed of them here on Twitter.

1. This one was certainly a favorite. Such a simple fact, but the peace of mind that knowing you will have help when you need it…now that’s invaluable. Thinking that you might need more help? We have an answer for that too! Check out Acorio’s Virtual Assistance (AVA) program to get an on-demand, extra set of hands to grow your ServiceNow instance.


2. Of course, we know that ternary operator is part of basic expression and that in the end, it reduces the number of lines you are coding, but the practice is still a good one to follow. Being able to build out the steps of your code allows for future (beginner) coders to understand your work. In a future world where we are all ServiceNow experts, we can return full-time to ternary operator and compressed expressions.

#Acorio Now Tips

3. #NOWTipswithAcorio was created with the idea that sometimes the simple things are the easiest fixes. Explore all the tools that ServiceNow gives to you, and don’t waste time building out complex logic when there is already a tool for that.

#Acorio Now Tips

4. A tip…then a fancy tip! We love it, Johnny!

#Acorio Now Tips

5. Four in one – this compiled tip has a few handy tweaks, all for when you are performing gliderecord queries.

#Acorio Now Tips

A Peek into the Future

Everyone likes a sneak peek, so take a look at a few of the #NOWTips that will be posted in the coming weeks!

#Acorio Now Tips

#Acorio Now Tips

#Acorio Now Tips

The Newbies

While they may be seasoned veterans in the ServiceNow world, we would like to welcome these A-Team members to our #NOWTips group! Be on the lookout for more insightful tips from them.

Andrew Wortham, ServiceNow Consultant

Andrew Wortham HeadshotAndrew is a creative and driven technology professional. By focusing on getting to the heart of a problem, and solving it effectively, he has had over 20 successful implementations of Express and Enterprise projects throughout his 2 years in the ServiceNow platform. With a particularly strong background in coding (JavaScript and Angular), Andrew specializes in both integrations and Service Portal.

#Acorio Now Tip-Andrew

Richard Norton, Solutions Architect

Richard Norton HeadshotRichard is a DOD Cleared ITIL Process Expert and ServiceNow Architect with 15+ years of experience designing and implementing IT processes and solutions. He is passionate about the flexibility and capability of the ServiceNow platform, and the ability to meet business goals of stakeholders with exceptional attention to detail.

#Acorio Now Tips-Richard

Mike Hanrahan, Vice President of Operations


Mike Hanrahan Headshot Hardly a newbie, Mike is Acorio’s VP of Operations and has been a pioneer in the web development space for 20+ years. Recognized for his ITSM process automation capabilities, he is at the forefront of automation, integration, and analysis. He is the primary architect of Acorio’s integration framework, and we are honored to have him on our #NOWTipswithAcorio team.


#Acorio Now Tips - Mike


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