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Christmas in July: Transformation Stories eBook to Inspire Your Digital Future

With six days down and six to go, we’re halfway through one of our biggest content giveaways of the year. This year’s Christmas in July event has brought you a comprehensive guide to working from home, a healthcare industry data set, and a resource bundle for the inevitable Return to Work.

The theme of this year’s Christmas in July event can be summed up in one sentence: ServiceNow has become the heartbeat of the modern enterprise. And today we’re giving away the proof. Download Acorio’s first Case Study Compendium today and see how industry-leading companies in financial services, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing are using ServiceNow to drive meaningful digital transformation in their businesses.

Read on for a sneak peak into the eBook, and don’t forget to download your copy today.

Fast-Growing Biomed Commits to Transformation, Getting a Total Service Portal Rework in the Process

This fast-growing biomed company known for pioneering gene therapy employs over 800 people across the United States and Europe with the common goal that people facing potentially fatal conditions with limited treatment options can live their lives fully.

Its innovations are brought to life through multiple labs and manufacturing facilities including offices throughout the United States and Switzerland. As demand for innovation and personalization in the healthcare and biotech industry increases, alongside a rise in aging populations, this company is expected to continue to grow at a rapid rate and remain at the cutting edge of its industry.

Finding a Partner to Support Rapid Growth

The company’s success disrupting the healthcare system and creating research transparency came with its own set of unique challenges.

To start, the biomed needed to revamp its existing Service Portal in order to maximize potential and be able to scale with its rapid growth. Beyond that, they had their eyes set on the future and the digital transformation that would be required to stay competitive in one of the hottest industries in the country.

Finding the right partner was crucial to helping them keep pace with their success, so they didn’t waste time in their search. Jumping right in, they contacted Acorio, noting our extensive published thought leadership and asked for our take on their goals. From the first conversation, Acorio provided guidance and a personalized approach to the biomed’s ServiceNow transformation.

Pivoting to a Strategic ServiceNow Vision

Acorio’s Advisory team knew they needed to:

  • Better understand the organization’s ServiceNow environment and how it was built
  • Identify major pain points
  • Define which features the company needed most
  • Determine how its existing Portal could be updated to better serve employees and customers

Acorio’s Advisory approach focused on digging in deep to review the biomed’s current system so they could provide accurate, in-depth feedback and analysis before embarking on a full ServiceNow transformation.

Get more insight into this Biomed’s transformation alongside stories from other organizations leveraging ServiceNow by reserving your copy here.

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