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First Look: Service Management Executive Insight & Vision Report [Exclusive Preview]

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Just 4 weeks ago we asked you to tell us what you think about ServiceNow – your successes, your major pain points, and what ServiceNow will look like for you in the coming year.

Over 300 leaders in the ServiceNow space answered. On the week before Thanksgiving, we want to share a preview of the full results.

In today’s first look of the report, you’ll find out what KPIs, results, and challenges your peers’ measure, what’s on their ServiceNow map, what trends we see in the Service Management space, and more. The full report will be available in Q1 of 2019, but until then make sure to grab our “first look” executive summary and top eight trends, or skim a preview of the results below.

First Look at ServiceNow Insights and Trends

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As one of the fastest-growing billion-dollar companies, ever, ServiceNow has certainly disrupted the technology landscape. Or, as they like to say, is revolutionizing the way the world of work, works.

But just how significant is this wave of disruption? And what should you be doing about it?

Having dedicated our entire business to ServiceNow, Acorio is always on the lookout for critical trends and changes in the marketplace. Yet, as we recently looked through the available ServiceNow research, we continued to see a significant gap – where were any reliable, data-based benchmarks?

While ServiceNow earnings and product growth details are reported each quarter, there was markedly less macro-level, market trend data on what ServiceNow customers think about the platform, how they use it, what Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI’s) they track, and what issues they consistently struggle with. Until now.

Open to the worldwide ServiceNow community, Acorio’s ServiceNow Insight and Vision Survey is the first of its kind – a full-scale analysis of ServiceNow. This report dives deep into the impact of both Enterprise Service Management and the ServiceNow platform across the globe, explores how it is embraced across the Enterprise (from IT to Customer Service and HR to Business Management and SecOps), but most importantly, it looks at how ServiceNow is actually working inside your peers businesses today.

With well over 300 participants submitting detailed responses, it’s safe to say the ServiceNow community was eager to share their thoughts. We thank all the survey respondents who put in the time and effort to contribute responses on how ServiceNow is working in your organization.

Survey Says? ServiceNow’s Impact & The ServiceNow Enterprise

As the results rolled in, we saw confirmation of the deep paradigm shift we’ve seen with our own clients. It’s a shift within ServiceNow platform use, towards the practice of Service Management in organizations today. While digital transformation may continue to be a buzzword for business, those doing the work in the business community are consistently focused on managing and improving service inside their organizations for employees, partners, and customers.

Among our clients, we see ServiceNow dramatically expanding throughout the enterprise. While IT was the leading response for job role and ServiceNow use, our survey uncovered significant adoption in Business Management, HR, and Customer Service.

Change appears to be the order of the day for many in the affected ServiceNow workforce. As the platform expands, survey respondents are seeing their ServiceNow strategies adjust and advance, with nearly half of the respondents reporting that their ServiceNow strategic roadmap has changed in the past year. That is, for the less than 50% of respondents who actually had a roadmap to begin with.

When talking about successful ServiceNow implementations, it’s hard to over-emphasize the importance of good planning and strategy. Changing work is a tall order that involves more than just creating the right application program interface (API) or designing a portal – technology is just the table stake. We see over and over that it’s actually the right change management, governance, adoption and end-to-end strategy that make the difference in client outcomes. As projects get bigger in the coming year, the need for a comprehensive ServiceNow strategy will only become more important.

With this context in mind, let’s take a look at our eight favorite trends from the ServiceNow Insight and Vision Survey.

Trend 1: Lookout Digital Transformation, Service Management is coming.

Our survey identified Service Management as the leading strategic priority driving business among firms responding to our survey – even ahead of Digital Transformation. In fact, while 63% of respondents listed Digital Transformation as a focus for the upcoming year, 78% indicated that they are already focusing on Service Management as a core initiative.

This is perhaps not surprising for respondents in a ServiceNow survey, given the platform’s strong ITIL roots. However, as we will see in later commentary, the strong base is paying off – as more businesses have strong IT foundations, they are able to expand horizontally through the ServiceNow platform.

ServiceNow Trend 1

Trend 2: Total costs and constantly expanding roadmaps lead 2018 challenges; however, relatively few respondents face technical issues or struggle to show ServiceNow ROI.

ServiceNow Trend 2

When asked about their major ServiceNow challenges, 45% of survey respondents cited both the cost of technology and implementation and roadmap growth as their major ServiceNow hurdles.

What didn’t top the list? Technical challenges with the implementation and a lack of value or ROI netted just 15% of responses. ServiceNow, as a confined technical platform, has one of the lowest bars of entry for developers and enables more and more businesses to reformulate how they learn to manage the software internally.


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Packed full of tables and charts, discover what over 300 of your industry’s peers had to say about ServiceNow at their businesses. Get the first-ever ServiceNow Executive Vision Insight Report now.

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