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Upgrade ServiceNow the Right Way: Free Checklist for Upgrading Your ServiceNow Instances

Last week, London was calling, this week, London has called. Have you made the decision to upgrade?

Acorio always has tips and tricks for your entire ServiceNow journey, and today is no exception. In the spirit of ServiceNow’s recent upgrade, we’ve put together a checklist to make sure you are totally prepped and ready to go for London (or any other upgrade version you might already be in the process of).

While the upgrading process can seem overwhelming, this comprehensive checklist will provide helpful instructions straight from our experts to guide your team along the right path to a successful upgrade.

upgrade checklist download

Here’s how the checklist works.

Divided into six phases, from learning about the release to prepping your production instance and performing your instance upgrade, you’ll be walked through basic checkpoints that’ll help clear your mind of any pre-upgrade stress.

Here’s an excerpt, but if you want to access the entire, multi-phased checklist, you can download the full, free PDF version.

Phase Four – Update Your Development Instance

While this may seem like a hefty task, just remember that this is your development instance, not your production instance (that will come later).

1. Using the Upgrade Monitor, monitor the upgrade to your instance and validate that the upgrade to your development instance is complete.

2. After the upgrade for your development instance is complete, process the skipped records list in the Upgrade Monitor.

3. Identify your update sets.

4. Before and after upgrading, conduct smoke tests on your development instance. Use your comprehensive test plan to perform functional testing.

Phase Five – Prep to Update Your Production Instance

1. Confirm sign-off from IT and Business stakeholders that all non-production instance defects have been fixed and validated in update sets. At the same time, make sure to confirm the core team of key stakeholders required to validate functionality in the ServiceNow instance after the production upgrade.

2. Then it is time to confirm with ServiceNow and your ServiceNow partner that you have support coverage for the first day (at least) after your upgrade go-live. This is crucial in case there are any issues with your instance, you want the security of knowing there is a team standing behind you.

Confirming this coverage should include a detailed plan with key contacts identified, and the roles and responsibilities of all spelled out. Send out the coverage plan, and job responsibilities to key stakeholders and end users.

This is also a good time to brief the end users on the production upgrade outage time frame, plus get them excited about any new features they might have access to.

3. Use the ServiceNow Performance homepage to document the performance of your instance before the upgrade.

Want to see the full checklist for a successful upgrade? Download the free PDF document to access our complete upgrade checklist. With its 6 phases, this detailed checklist will be a great asset to your team. Even if you aren’t ready to move onto London just yet, it’s a great resource to keep saved on your computer! The software may change with each release, but the process to upgrade remains the same.

Upgrades are a critical part of implementing and maintaining your software, and you shouldn’t have to do it alone. Whether you’re interested in learning more about London or you just have a question about the upgrading process, reach out and speak with one of our experts today.  With an upgrade like London including a new “Walk-Up” experience, advanced “Virtual Agent” capabilities and “Major Issue Management” protocols for CSM, these features are too important to stall on.

ServiceNow Upgrade Checklist Download

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