Achieving Your Healthy Workplace Goals with ServiceNow Vaccine Tracking and More

When we decide on and write our blogs, we always try to give resources or provide answers to the questions our sales and delivery teams are getting. And, without a doubt, some of the most common questions we’re getting are about ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace apps. More specifically, about their vaccine management capabilities like vaccine tracking through the Vaccination Status app.

So, we’ve decided not only to write a blog about this group of apps, but we’ve also put together a handy little one-pager for you to download and refer back to as you begin to execute on your organization’s healthy workplace initiatives.

Breaking Down ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace Suite

How does your organization plan to bring people back in the workplace without compromising health and safety? With the growing number of regulations employers face, this is quickly becoming one of the highest priorities to address. To help companies navigate these regulations globally, ServiceNow has a suite of applications to help you collect data about the current vaccination status of the workplace, track employees’ test results, and more.

Vaccination Status

Vaccine Status enables organizations to track the status of employee vaccinations in the workplace, including support for subsequent booster shots. With the app, employees can submit documentation of completed vaccinations or exemption requests via desktop or mobile to meet your organization’s health and safety requirements.

Both vaccination documentation and exemption requests can be approved or declined by workplace administrators for full lifecycle tracking. Vaccination documentation can be kept up to date manually or by automated reminders to stay in compliance with your employer’s health and safety requirements.

Health and Safety Testing

Designed to go hand-in-hand with the other Safe Workplace applications, the Health and Safety testing application helps your organization track the testing results of employees to reduce the spread of infectious diseases (like COVID-19). The premise of the app is simple, but important: It provides organizations with two options;

1. Request that employees get tested and report the result.

2. Allow employees to request optional health testing when they are notified of potential exposure to an infectious disease.

Ready to see what else is included in the Safe Workplace suite? Download our new one-pager (alright, it’s actually two pages) to learn more.