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ServiceNow World Forum: Our Key Takeaways for 2022

New Friends and Familiar Faces at ServiceNow World Forum

Connecting with old friends, meeting friendly new faces while learning and growing in the ServiceNow community. That was the vibe at the Chicago and Toronto ServiceNow World Forum events during the first two weeks in November. Gathering and meeting face-to-face at both locations was the ideal opportunity to share with peers’ best practices and swap stories about projects.

At NTT DATA, we were thrilled to be a sponsor of both shows and reconnect with colleagues far and wide, while also meeting new people in the ServiceNow community. Acorio, an NTT DATA company, has been an Elite ServiceNow partner and one of the largest pure-play ServiceNow consultancy companies in the world.  This was not the first ServiceNow rodeo for our team. Many of our team members have been attending ServiceNow events for nearly a decade.

ServiceNow Smarts

With today’s organizations craving innovation and the digital technology to support growth, ServiceNow is a key element to embracing transformation. Leaders across industries are facing major challenges with keeping pace and outsmarting their competitors. Those companies that lag behind in upgrading the technology to support partners, employees and customers in a more robust way risk becoming obsolete.

How can companies realize success on their ServiceNow journey? What are the implementation priorities and how do they serve customers and employees faster without creating technical drag? These are just some of the questions raised at ServiceNow World Forum.

With so much ServiceNow knowledge gained between these two events, we wanted to share some takeaways from the events. Below, our team shares some of their insights from their in-person perspective.

What did you take away from ServiceNow World Forum?

Lynn Ogasawara, Regional Sales Manager

“I loved the energy that people were exerting! The World Forum offered me the chance to speak with clients more candidly and personally than over the phone or via zoom. I had so many great conversations about what projects and internal initiatives they’re working on. Interestingly, a lot of people were familiar with NTT DATA and Acorio but weren’t familiar with our overall relationship and the integrated ServiceNow practice, so it gave us the perfect opportunity to help connect the dots.”

Robin Engstrom, Regional Sales Manager

“It was so exciting to meet with clients and colleagues! We got a lot of great questions from current and future customers regarding our enhanced technical capabilities as part of the NTT DATA family. My favorite part of the event was Grant Pulver’s breakout session. The audience was really engaged, asking questions, and loved it.  In fact, someone stopped by the booth afterward to let us know how informative and valuable his presentation was.”

Douglas Manger, Sales Director

“What a great way to ramp up for 2023! Clients always offer incredible insights about what they want to accomplish in the future, and we are all ears. Some key takeaways were how we can help them get work done more collaboratively and efficiently while engaging employees and customers worldwide. This was an amazing opportunity for Acorio to unite under the NTT DATA portfolio and present our global capabilities.”

Maureen Mcculley, Sales Director

“Everyone was just as excited to speak with us as we were with them! A common challenge we heard was that many organizations are only using about 20% of the ServiceNow capabilities and want guidance from Acorio and NTT DATA to help them utilize the platform to its fullest potential. It was enlightening all around to hear how the new way of remote working has completely transformed business operations worldwide.”

Joshua Young, VP of Solutions & Innovation

“What impressed me with the hundreds of ServiceNow customers I had the pleasure to speak with at this event was that we were not talking about technology or architecture design. We were talking about transforming the way they worked, which drives not only the most value for their organization but how those experiences made people feel. That was powerful to see our customers embracing the employee and customer experience mindset. That’s when we can affect real transformation.”

Grant Pulver, VP of Client Success

“It was great to shake hands with clients again. During my breakout and thought leadership sessions, I was blown away by the fantastic questions and feedback we received about the work we’re doing to drive actual digital transformations with ServiceNow. It was an excellent opportunity to showcase the end-to-end capabilities of Acorio and NTT DATA’s global operations, which combine to make us a powerhouse of innovation.”

Marci Parker, VP, ServiceNow Practice

“We had a great time sharing Acorio and NTT DATA stories with new client prospects and hearing from our existing clients about their unique digital transformation journeys! The singular sentiment that we heard at the ServiceNow World Forums was the passion behind our clients’ focus on evolving their employee and customer experiences. It’s something that echoes our own commitment to making technology more human and interactive.”

Looking ahead to 2023

If 2022 has taught us anything, it’s that now is the opportunity to make work more collaborative, engaging and user-friendly for workforces spanning across the globe.

Since our acquisition in 2020, we’ve been working passionately to seamlessly integrate with NTT DATA’s extensive global client base. As we enter 2023, we’re excited to solve larger, more interesting enterprise challenges while staying true to what makes Acorio “us.”

Completing our alignment will catapult us into a much larger and more influential arena in the ServiceNow industry by combining forces with a fellow Elite Partner with practices across the globe. NTT DATA will also solidify our role as the ecosystem’s leading industry partner.

NTT DATA is on a mission to become a Top 5 IT Services Provider by 2025. Together, we have the chance to do what almost none have done before: participate in growing a once-in-a-lifetime company, twice.

Stay tuned for what’s next as we continue to incorporate with NTT DATA from one of the largest pure-play ServiceNow consultancies in the world into the global partner of choice for your digital transformation.

Learn more about how we’re implementing these takeaways to drive digital transformation.