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Understanding ServiceNow’s New Safe Workplace Apps

“Let’s get the world healthy, safe, and back to the workplace. ServiceNow is helping companies manage the complex workflows required to keep employees healthy and workplaces safe. The ServiceNow Safe Workplace app suite and dashboard are engineered to make returning to the workplace work for everyone.” –  Bill McDermott, ServiceNow CEO

Customers must quickly begin planning and preparing for employees to head back to the office, but due to recent events may not have the bandwidth, the expertise, or the solutions needed. This includes ensuring employees are ready to transition back to the office from remote work or furloughs and protect their health once they are back in the workplace.

The new Safe Workplace Apps can be used as a standalone return to workplace solution or you can expand your capabilities using HR Service Delivery and the Return to Workplace Employee Experience Pack to include case management, knowledge content, visual task boards for taskforce planning, campaigns to communicate critical information to employees as well as lifecycle events to automate Rapid reinstatement for furloughed employees and onboarding for new hires.

The suite includes 4 new apps plus a dashboard:

  • Employee Readiness Surveys
  • Employee Health Screening
  • Workplace PPE Inventory Management
  • Workplace Safety Management
  • Safe Workplace Dashboard

Employee Readiness Surveys

Whether you are preparing for all of your employees to return to physical work locations or are phasing returns by employee segments or specific departments, it’s important to understand whether employees are ready and willing to return as well as understand potential concerns.

The Employee Readiness Surveys app enables you to quickly set up surveys and notifications to send to employees. Gather information such as:

  1. Whether employees have traveled recently
  2. Employee health status
  3. How employees feel about returning to the workplace
  4. Concerns employees have about returning to the workplace
  5. If employees have preferences regarding PPE or flexible work arrangements

ServiceNow Employee workplace readiness surveyServiceNow Safe Workplace Apps

View survey results by question and drill down for more detailed information. Survey data is also presented by location on the Safe Workplace Dashboard.

ServiceNow Safe Workplace Dashboard

Employee Health Screening

The Employee Health Screening app can be used to make sure employees entering the workplace are healthy and safe through temperature checks and ensuring the employees have PPE.

Management can view details on which employees met temperature requirements and were granted entry by location, as well as who received PPE.

ServiceNow Employee Health Screening

The screener can access the Health Screening form in the Service Catalog as well as enter the employee’s location, name, temperature, and whether that employee has or was provided with PPE.

Additionally, based on the temperature thresholds for that location, the app will alert the screener if the employee can be granted access to the building with easy to understand alerts and symbols.

ServiceNow Employee Health Screening Access Screen

Properties within the app determine whether temperature and PPE information will be kept for reporting. If not, management can still view which employees were granted access.

Workplace PPE Inventory Management

Workers in certain industries, such as healthcare providers, maintenance engineers, and lab technicians are required to use personal protective equipment (PPE). Due to COVID-19, many more companies are now opting to provide PPE to employees to ensure their safety or alleviate concerns. Organizations can manage PPE needs with the Workplace PPE Inventory Management application. This app will allow:

  • Workers to request PPE
  • Facilities teams to fulfill PPE requests
  • Ability to track PPE assigned to employees
  • Monitoring of PPE counts by location in real-time

ServiceNow Safe Workplace PEE Inventory Management

Workers can search the service catalog to request different types of PPE.

SerivceNow Safe Workplace PPE Request

PPE inventory managers can add new types of PPE, update stock on hand, and transfer PPE between locations.

SerivceNow Safe Workplace PPE Inventory Overview

Track PPE items consumed, the quantity of equipment on-hand, and view available stock by location.

Workplace Safety Management

Reopening guidelines include enhanced sanitation and cleaning procedures plus adequate physical distancing. The Workplace Safety Management application provides space administration to track workspace availability, shift management for employees and automation for reserving workspaces, and assigning maintenance tasks.

The app includes catalog items to add cleaning tasks, add new work shifts, and to reserve a workspace and allows users to set up pre- or post-cleaning tasks or submit an ad hoc request.

ServiceNow Workplace Safety Management


Tasks can then be assigned to the appropriate team’s queue.

Once a cleaning task is complete, you can request an acknowledgment for compliance records. The signed document will be saved as a pdf on the task form.

SerivceNow Safe Workplace Compliance Records

Safe Workplace Dashboard

The power of the applications comes together in a singular view using the Safe Workplace Dashboard. Here management can assess global status for reopening as well as drill down into employee and location readiness.

SerivceNow Safe Workplace Dashboard Map

View alerts for employee readiness, PPE levels, and health screening results by location. Click on locations for more detailed information about employee health, workplace cleanliness, and PPE inventory statistics.

SerivceNow Safe Workplace Dashboard Location Details

The dashboard provides real-time status updates across all of the apps so location management can easily monitor preparedness, responsiveness, and compliance.

Thoughtful reopening planning along with ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace apps will ensure a holistic view of your organization’s readiness to bring employees back to the office.