ServiceNow’s Now at Work: Your Watchlist Guide

Today, ServiceNow launches its newest digital event, Now at Work. This October series promises attendees to “learn new ways to drive growth, strengthen business continuity, and enhance employee productivity.”

From 9:00-9:30 AM PST, join ServiceNow’s Chief Innovation Officer, Dave Wright, for the keynote and learn more about ServiceNow’s newest release, Paris. You can also check out Acorio’s Paris eBook to get a high-level overview of new features and upgrades, too. Following Wright’s keynote and Paris release broadcast, you can hear from NBA legend and “Hall of Famer” Magic Johnson about leadership lessons, agility, managing change, and overcoming adversity to achieve success on and off the court.

From 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM PST, channels and sessions from ServiceNow and it’s partner sponsors will go live. Find the content just right for you! You can select from channels covering Return to Workplace, Customer Stories, workflows, industries, and more.

Acorio’s Channel: Employee Experience, Future Normal, and CSDM

Acorio’s Channel content includes three 20-minute sessions covering Employee Experience, the “Future Normal,” and the Common Service Data Model. You can learn more about each session below: 

1. The New Employee Experience: Return to Work & What Comes After

A part of ServiceNow’s Return to Work channel, “The New Employee Experience” walks through:  

  • The state of Return to Work and real-world client examples from various industries
  • ServiceNow’s new Back To Work Apps, regulations, and tactics
  •  How this fits in with your overall Employee Experience and platform strategy

Join Acorio’s VP of Solutions & Innovation, Adam Mason, Employee Experience Lead, Stacey Prezel, and VP of Marketing, Meghan Lockwood as they dive into this hot topic. 

2. Future Normal: 200+ Results from Acorio’s COVID-19 Insight & Vision Survey

Most people don’t need data to know that COVID-19 has impacted businesses.

Any business that says they remain untouched might be out-of-touch with the global reality the health crisis has exposed.

Get insights from Acorio’s executive team and explore what that actual COVID-19 impact is and how to move forward. Watch the first 20-minutes of this webinar to learn:

  • The biggest challenges and risks your peers are facing in their individual roles
  • The future of business technology and digital transformation strategies
  • How organizations are adapting their hiring strategies and technology roadmaps

This executive-led webinar with CEO, Ellen Daley, VP of Managed Services, Juliet Acuff, VP of Advisory, John Huckle, VP of Strategic Marketing, Meghan Lockwood, and Marketing Manager of Inbound & Media, Sarah Carley is also included in ServiceNow’s Now Value channel.

3. Common Sense Answers for your Biggest CSDM Questions

In “Common Sense Answers for your Biggest CSDM Questions: Breaking Down the ServiceNow Framework” our team of ITOM and CSDM Experts, including Acorio’s Senior Technical Consultant and CSDM Function Lead, Mary Vanatta, ITOM Practice Lead, Terrell Pursley, and Senior Business Process Consultant, Randie Jaffe answer your top CSDM questions, like:

  • What is the Common Service Data Model?
  • What is the value of CSDM, and how do I maximize all of my data?
  • How do I align IT and the business with CSDM? 
  • Plus, get data modeling examples useful for today’s world

This video is also included in ServiceNow’s IT workflow channel. 

More Videos on our “Watch Later” List

Business Continuity Management

ServiceNow Business Continuity Management provides a consistent, repeatable process to prevent and minimize business disruptions across the enterprise. This is achieved by automating the identification, prioritization and tracking of risks to critical business processes. Join now and learn how to assess, prevent, respond and adapt to business disruptions using the Now Platform providing configuration flexibility, security, and scalability.

$9B Merger aligns 2 cultures, 2 platforms and 27K emp on the same track

Learn how Wabtec rode a multi-part journey to combine 2 platforms, drive efficiency, and leverage their M&A experience to focus on a single, exceptional experience for those requesting IT services. (Plus meet aggressive transitional services timelines and promised $8.3M in savings) With the right strategy, uniting units in 50 countries might even teach IT how similar we all truly are.

Delivering an authentic service employee experience for over 45,000 

Join the Humana team as they explain how Humana’s associate focus drove the entire HRSD transformation to improve the relationship and accessibility between the organization and its services to their employees.

Check our Acorio’s Now at Work channel by clicking the image below!

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