Higher Education

We work with many of the largest and most prestigious universities in North America.

Here’s how Higher Education organizations can maximize their ServiceNow investment

  • Standardize service management.
    Universities are moving toward more centralized, cost efficient service management models. Introducing consistent best-practice process and standardizing on ServiceNow reigns in cost and improves service levels to students and faculty.
  • Embrace your brand.
    Universities are becoming more focused on consistent and positive impact from use of branding. Extending the brand to IT and service management through beautiful, modern and easy to use portals drives this consistency and leverages the branding investment.
  • Getting a handle on assets.
    Whether it is related to facilities or IT, understanding the state of equipment across the campus is a major challenge. Just gaining insight into where equipment is located can be a win. Adding insight into replacement schedules can help your capital planning and make sure you get the budget you need to keep everything running.

Some example customers:

Acorio transformed and enabled a large university’s IT improvement efforts for 7 major applications (Incident, Problem, Change, Configuration, Asset, Service Catalog, and a Self-Service Portal) in 10 weeks. This effort replaced numerous legacy and internally developed systems, saving the IT department in maintenance costs and enabling the re-distribution of its staff to customer service focused efforts.

Enabling a mobile workforce: A university facilities group needed a way to enable their staff with a mobile solution for maintenance requests, repair requests, and overall asset inventory. Using ServiceNow, they were able to accurately track all of the major assets on campus and even provide PDF documentation via a universal mobile interface. Now facilities can centrally track efforts across campus while allowing their workers to continuously get the latest updates. This has also provided insight and budget guidance into decisions around “repair or replace” for major assets over time.