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Acorio Spotlight: Dan Lyons Shares Details on Acorio’s Expansion into Canada

The end of the year is a time for gratitude, reflection, and closure. But as the door to one year closes, another door opens with the promise of new adventures, growth, and challenges. In that spirit, we’re thrilled to announce Acorio’s next chapter which includes expanding our team into Canada!

In case you missed the formal announcement, you can find the full press release here. To tell us more about what this exciting adventure means for our employees, our clients, and our ServiceNow community, we interviewed Dan Lyons, Acorio’s Vice President of Client Delivery, for October’s Acorio Spotlight. The Spotlight is a monthly interview series focused on highlighting our incredible team.

As Vice President of Client Delivery, Dan leads a team of over 150 consultants, overseeing all of Acorio’s ServiceNow project work to ensure the continued success and true digital transformation for our clients. Since joining the A-team as Director of Technical Consulting in June of 2018, Dan has wasted no time leading our consulting organization to new levels of success. Bringing more than a decade of technology consulting experience, Dan previously served as the Senior Director of Consulting Services at Appirio along with other roles at Intelladon, NAVTEQ, and Motorola.

In his interview, we talk about everything from his typical workday to details on Acorio’s expansion into Canada. Keep reading to get the scoop…

Describe your job as Vice President of Client Delivery in three words. 

Strategy, structure, and creativity. My role requires constant evaluation of our strategy to invest our energy in achieving our business objectives and overall company mission. The second component of my position is structure, as there’s a lot of defining processes, methodology, and approaches to ensure our clients get the best experience. In addition to supporting our clients, my job also centers around supporting the Acorio Team. We are constantly expanding our internal structures, competencies, and career paths to help our own people grow and thrive in their respective professional journeys. Lastly, I strive to foster creativity amidst this strategy and structure; to keep innovation, culture, and growth alive and flourishing throughout our company. Creativity keeps our folks inspired to deliver the best results to our clients, it constantly challenges us to think outside the box and try something new. That innovation is crucial to our continued success.

What does your typical workday look like? 

As part of a matrix organization, my workday centers around bringing people together, connecting the dots, and removing blockers for our intelligent and driven team.

This looks different day to day, but typically I’m meeting about everything from staffing projects to practice enablement, hiring plans to process improvements, and connecting with clients or lending an ear to a colleague.

We’ve officially passed the 1-year anniversary of Acorio’s acquisition by NTT DATA. How has our new parent company helped Acorio’s trajectory this last year, and what is our shared vision for the year ahead? 

The Acorio team has always looked for ways to punch above our weight by taking on increasingly complex and transformational work. Our mission is to use ServiceNow to truly change the lives of clients’ employees and customers. Meanwhile, that vision challenges our people to grow their careers, learn new skills, and find meaning in their professional lives.

Through NTT DATA, Acorio is now engaging clients on whole new level of size, complexity, and transformation; which has put Acorio and our people on an incredible trajectory.

Our shared vision is to collectively bring greater value and impact to our clients through ServiceNow, and there’s no better way to make that happen than with NTT DATA. Plus, through NTT DATA, we have a great opportunity to connect with talent in the market like never before. As we look at the post-pandemic world, it’s more important than ever to serve our clients with local resources, which is why we are expanding into Canada, Mexico, and growing our operations in Spain.

What prompted Acorio to pick Canada as its next country to grow into? Does Acorio currently have any other expansion plans? 

We’ve been working with Canadian clients for several years, so we’re well versed in both the Canadian ServiceNow market and its growing talent pool. NTT DATA enables us to better power our connections with Canada’s excellent talent market. So it’s both our previous client relationships and NTT DATA’s experience building teams in Canada that prompted this move.

Beyond Canada, Acorio has lots of expansion plans. As our business grows, we have to continue building out our team around the globe. We’re currently in the early stages of exploring a move into Mexico and also expediting the expansion of our existing team in Spain.

What is the process of Acorio expanding into Canada? Is there a clear timeline on what that looks like? 

NTT DATA already has a well-established presence in Canada, so they’re helping us expedite the process as much as possible. We intend to move quickly into the Canadian market, with the possibility of bringing on new talent as early as January 2022.

What’s most exciting to you about this new chapter for Acorio in Canada? 

Finding skilled talent and meeting new people is the most exciting component of this new expansion. At Acorio and NTT DATA, we celebrate what makes us similar while also appreciating the things that make us unique and different. That diversity is key to a great employee experience and benefits our clients by supporting them with a special blend of skills, personalities, and cultures.

Going into 2022, what are your top priorities for Client Delivery? 

My top priorities for 2022 are all about our people: finding more great talent in the market, growing our own team, and supporting their growth and learning. ServiceNow’s platform has so many amazing features and has really become the platform of platforms to drive meaningful change for the modern enterprise. That said, there’s a steep learning curve so it’s critical that Acorio supports our team with the right enablement and opportunities to make both them and our clients successful. Canada is an important element of that plan, as we seek to tap into its ServiceNow talent ecosystem.

With Thanksgiving approaching in the US, what are you grateful for this year? 

First and foremost, I’m grateful for my health and the health and well-being of my family. It’s easy to get caught up in our own local lives, but with so much loss globally over the last year and a half it’s important to remember that there are many people less fortunate. Beyond that, I am really grateful to work with people who care deeply about each other, recognize each other’s humanity, and look for ways to be excellent together.

Located in Canada and looking to join the A-team? Keep your eyes on our career page in the coming weeks for new job postings! In the meantime, you can submit your resume to [email protected]