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What Every Enterprise Wished They Knew Before Starting Their ServiceNow Roadmap [Plus, Free Roadmap Template and Examples]

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Not a single one of our clients comes to us satisfied with where they are. In today’s world, they don’t have the luxury for that. More than that though, they are all companies that pride themselves on growth, innovation, and constantly improving products and services. That’s why they chose ServiceNow for their enterprise backbone, and… that’s why they chose Acorio for their ServiceNow Advisory and technical integration and implementation needs – to get their roadmap right (the first time).

When you are ready to take on the ServiceNow platform (or your next ServiceNow project), choosing a partner to guide you on your journey is critical. It is easy to lose focus of where you are heading, especially when we live in a world where the pressure to respond faster to business demands is constant. Everything is growing exponentially; risks, data, infrastructure complexity, clients. Well, maybe not everything. Your budget probably isn’t growing as fast as everything else…which is all the more reason to start your ServiceNow project off on the right foot.

Start with formally defining your ServiceNow initiatives roadmap. Whether you do this first step internally, or jump right into it with your ServiceNow Advisory partner, it is critical to understand what your business vision and imperatives are, and then how those actually manifest across the different ServiceNow suites.

To get started right away, download our brand new exclusive guide to creating and scoring your ServiceNow roadmap strategy. The guide walks through the five critical steps to creating your roadmap, how to score your strategy and examples of project timelines from Acorio clients.

Why Does Having a ServiceNow Advisory Team Matter to Creating a Roadmap?

You’ve made the first step in your ServiceNow journey – you’ve chosen ServiceNow as your enterprise backbone. Whether you are just starting out with a few ITSM or HRSD modules or doing an entire Enterprise Transformation right off the bat, the fact still remains that you are about to have one of the most powerful technological platforms at your fingertips.

So you have to choose your next few steps carefully.

Having a partner with a dedicated ServiceNow Advisory practice (not just Technical expertise), means knowing that you have people who have experience with maximizing top-line revenue and bottom-line improvements.

A veteran Advisory Team will set up the Technical Team for success by helping you identify the relevant modules for your business imperatives, prioritize based on your timeline and budget, and ensure you aren’t missing anything in your project plan.

Here are a few questions to make sure to ask your partner:

  • What does your roadmap process look like?
  • How do you work with clients to ensure that continuous improvements can be made to our instance even once it has been rolled out?
  • Who should be involved in Roadmap sessions? If they don’t ask questions about the various stakeholders, they will lose an opportunity to maximize your return on this partnership.
  • How does your company stay ahead of the ServiceNow learning curve?
  • How many roadmap sessions has your company completed? Then ask, What percentage of those clients engage you to assist them with the next steps of their roadmaps?

Acorio’s 5 Steps to Creating and Scoring Your ServiceNow Roadmap

If you’re looking to jump right into creating your ServiceNow roadmap, feel free to download Acorio’s Guide to Creating and Scoring Your ServiceNow Roadmap, or skim an overview of each of the steps below.

Step One. Solidify Executive Support

You’ve done your research, maybe you’ve already pitched ServiceNow before, but now it’s time to dig in your heels and hit the point home. Decide which Executives you will leverage for sponsorship. What is your daily relationship with them? What will be the best way to present ServiceNow to them?

Seem like too big of a task? Unsure where to begin? Whether you are looking for a few helpful guidelines or a complete deck, Acorio’s exclusive ServiceNow Pitch Deck is a great starting point for those in need of some pointers on pitching their project.

Step Two. Define Your ServiceNow Vision

The sky is your limit for this one. Brainstorm your desired results and outline what type of goals you want to accomplish with your ServiceNow implementation. Take your time on this step and be thoughtful, it will pay off later in future steps.

If you’re looking for inspiration on the possibilities of ServiceNow, check out a selection of Acorio’s most recent client case studies. They might also help you with your ServiceNow pitch, providing hard numbers for some of your Executives.

Step Three. Define Your ServiceNow Initiatives

Yes, this is different than step two. In step two you defined your big picture vision, but now is when you flesh it out into the perhaps dozens of individual initiatives and business imperatives that will end up being scored based on business impact and level of effort to craft your final ServiceNow roadmap.

For example: Your vision is to create an Employee Service Portal. But what does that actually mean? What are the individual items this will improve? These business requirements are key for a successful pitch, they provide concrete examples of expected results. For example, based on your vision, your initiatives might include “improving single touch resolution” and “improving overall employee IT satisfaction score”.

Once you have your business imperatives listed, it’s time to rank them based on ServiceNow module, their overall impact to your business, and level of effort to implement. See Acorio’s scoring strategy here.

Step Four. Craft Your ServiceNow Roadmap

The step you’ve been waiting for. But, without the previous three steps, you would have no baseline to go off of. No budget, expectations or timeline from your executives, no crafted vision to keep you motivated, and no ranked initiatives to put into action.

Now that you’ve put in the work, creating a timeline should be a piece of cake. Acorio uses a phased roadmap approach, to ensure lot’s of quick-wins adding up to an overall successful ServiceNow launch. Below is an example phased roadmap for an Acorio Asset Management project. To try creating your own phased roadmap with a blank template, and for more details on creating this phased roadmap, or the project itself, download the free ServiceNow Strategy Guide.

Acorio Example Roadmap

Step Five. Socialize and Rework

We know this can be frustrating, especially when you have such big ideas for your ServiceNow implementation. But it’s easy to get too focused on your specific goals, and forget about the bigger picture. Which is why we urge you to go back to your executive support, your peers, and others across departments who will be utilizing the platform to make sure that you are not missing any major action items.

Your ServiceNow Advisory team should be giving you all the tools you need to socialize the potential roadmap, including case studies and testimonials from previous clients, ROI values for similar projects, and powerpoint decks already pre-loaded with helpful ServiceNow specific language.

There is So Much More

To learn how Acorio scores our clients business imperatives to create a personalized roadmap, download our exclusive ServiceNow Roadmap Guide now, complete with templates and examples for you to use in your own business.

ServiceNow Roadmap Download

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