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Christmas in July: Supporting Return to Work Resource Bundle

Day two of our 2020 Christmas in July follows in yesterday’s footsteps, where we asked you to share with us the biggest challenges your organization faces today.

Top of mind for most of our customers is how to safely, efficiently and effectively manage their Return to Work efforts amid the ongoing changes wrought by the current pandemic. Based on your feedback collected in yesterday’s business impact survey, we hope to compile and share hard data so that we can all better understand how COVID-19 is impacting our broader ServiceNow ecosystem (to participate in the survey, click here).

While we wait for our own survey responses to come in, it’s safe to say that Return to Work is already a focus for millions of organizations around the globe. As you consider the feasibility for your own organization, our team at Acorio is here to provide you with the best possible resources to meet these new demands.

To jump right in, download today’s Return to Work Powerpoint bundle with key terminology definitions, a full rundown of ServiceNow’s solutions, framework examples, and more.

Returning to Work boils down to two spheres; workforce readiness and workplace readiness. The first is all about your people, meeting them where they are personally, with empathy and compassion. Workplace readiness is your focus on managing your physical workplaces across Federal, State, Local requirements to ensure the safety of the employees in your care. While both are essential, workplace readiness serves to bolster workforce readiness.

If you are shaping your organization’s journey back to the physical workplace, then you need to create (or revisit) your guiding principles to make sure they embody your leadership’s core values. For us at Acorio, the most important principle is that we care for our people and their wellbeing.

Return to Work Readiness Framework

To ensure that you are following your guiding principles in each corporate decision, it’s time to create your Readiness Framework.

Your Framework should define your “spheres of control,” identify what groups sit in each of those spheres, and then learn about the questions with which each of those groups is concerned. For example;

Sphere 1: External

The most obvious external sphere is your workplace’s community. Whether you are a local business or city corporate office, your workplace sits within a community that is affected by your employees returning to work. Questions to consider;

  • Are we allowed to reopen? Think local and state guidelines.
  • Is it safe to return, given our available resources?
  • Are essential services (such as transportation, food, sanitation equipment) available for employees and affected community members?

Sphere 2: Internal

The second sphere has significant overlap with the first, that is your internal control over employees, and the workplace also affects and is affected by your community.

  • Are employees comfortable returning to the workplace?
  • Do they feel safe?
  • Is our workplace ready?
  • Can we comply with safety requirements?
  • Do we have adequate staff and resources to maintain compliance?

Return to Work Re-Opening Framework

Once you have your Readiness Framework and have confidently answered all the questions, it is time to create your Re-opening Framework that will direct the actual execution of your strategy.

We recommend a phased approach, where you prescribe the specific criteria for each stage that must be met before any workplace is reopened to varying degrees. It is important to remain flexible about this approach and revisit it as necessary, depending on the changing conditions of COVID-19.

To view an example of a phased approach, download our Return to Work PowerPoint bundle.

No matter the size of your company, establishing a clear strategy for Returning to Work and sharing it with your stakeholders can help instill confidence in the process and reduce the natural anxieties that result from uncertainty.

“Let’s get the world healthy, safe, and back to the workplace. ServiceNow is helping companies manage the complex workflows required to keep employees healthy and workplaces safe. The ServiceNow Safe Workplace app suite and dashboard are engineered to make returning to the workplace work for everyone.” –  Bill McDermott, ServiceNow CEO

Supporting Return to Work

The concept of Returning to Work is the perfect exemplification of the idiom “People, Process, Technology.” It always comes in that order. First and foremost are your people, your community. From there, you define the process to solve the problem(s). Next, you use the right technology to bring those processes into reality and serve your people.

In response to current events, ServiceNow has continued to leverage its platform and provide opportunities for organizations to do the same. At first, it was their four free emergency response apps. Most recently, it is this Employee Experience Pack, which offers a Solution Playbook as a point of view on considerations for implementing a Return to Workplace use case, as well as a collection of pre-configured artifacts in an updated set that can be adapted to:

  • Keep your task force organized while planning a Return to Workplace strategy
  • Understand the needs of employees and tailor their transition experience accordingly
  • Coordinate cross-departmental efforts to track the readiness to reopen a location
  • Automate the employee workflows and communication during this transition
  • Enable self-help through employees’ channel of choice

To expand on the Employee Experience Pack, there is also the new Safe Workplace Apps. The suite includes 5 new apps, plus a dashboard:

  • Employee Readiness Surveys
  • Employee Health Screening
  • Workplace PPE Inventory Management
  • Workplace Safety Management
  • Contact Tracing
  • Safe Workplace Dashboard

To get a full rundown on ServiceNow’s new Return to Work Employee Experience Pack and Safe Workplace Apps, including views of the different dashboards and processes, download our Return to Work Bundle.

Return to work resource bundle