Celebrating International Women’s Day: Eight Team Members Share Their Stories of Honoring Equality at Acorio

This past Sunday, the Acorio team celebrated the International Women’s Day’s theme of #EachForEqual. The campaign advocates for a gender-equal world, “to actively challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women’s achievements.”

As one of Massachusetts’s Top 100 Women-Led Businesses of 2019, we know the importance of equal opportunity in business and life. Acorio prides itself on diversity and inclusion, and we practice what we preach – including having a leadership team composed of fifty percent women.

International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on the progress we’ve made and celebrate women and their stories. What better way to commemorate this day than to have our employees share their truth?

Check out the stories of eight Acorio members and how Acorio proved our commitment to gender equality to them.

“I have worked in tech all my life. But I distinctly remember the first of many calls at Acorio where the entire Acorio team was women. And it surprises you how surprised you are at the realization because while other companies strive for diversity and inclusion, Acorio just is. It’s part of our DNA. The way we collaborate and the space we create for collaboration has diversity and inclusion built-in.”
– Michelle Bautista, Solution Architect

“I have worked at a lot of other places that did not have anything close to gender parity in leadership.  The difference in company culture, in outlook, in the “general approach to stuff” couldn’t be more different at Acorio.”
– Brian Murchison, Delivery Manager

“When I started Consulting, I was the only female developer at the company I was working for. I repeatedly asked if there were initiatives or any motions to diversify the development team. Finally, I stood up and asked at an all-company forum “where are all the women?” The company President responded with “tell me where to find them,” which was met with laughter from the audience. I realized the leadership willing to put in that effort and was not a place I could be my whole self.

I found the women – at Acorio. I experienced glee and relief when I interviewed here and discovered women across all areas of the company, especially in leadership!  I have the pleasure to work with those amazing women, as well as help hire and lead more fantastic women in our Acorio family. This distinction is important when bringing in talent. When candidates see the diversity, they realize not only is it a safe working environment but one of support and inclusion.

I am so proud to work for a technology company that has a CEO, five VPs, four directors, and many managers that are women. It is one of our differentiators, and in my opinion, the best one.”
– Dale Meyer-Curley, Senior Business Process Consultant

“Fun Fact:  During the July 2019 All Hands, all 7 promotions announced & celebrated were women.  I still remember everyone taking a moment to appreciate the fact that we had 7 women building their careers with Acorio in several different departments; it was such an awesome call out!”
– Helen Mansur, Delivery Operations Manager

“When I think about my job – which, is ultimately, I think, understanding people – I always try to roll over in my mind, what perspective haven’t I thought of? Whose paradigm is different from mine? What else haven’t I thought of, or do I need to consider?

And so, when I look to my left and to my right at Acorio, I feel truly blessed to have all of these different opinions and mindsets to draw from. And I think it is that full spectrum of women and men – all of us puling as a team to align on There is Only Us, that really set us apart.

When I think specifically of the women standing next to me, they also bring the full spectrum of diversity. They are fierce and thoughtful, they are determined and deliberate, they are sometimes sensitive, sometimes demanding, and always generous. And I am blessed to have every one of them in my life.”
– Meghan Lockwood, VP, Strategic Marketing

“Being part of a strong group of Women in Tech who build each other up has been so inspiring and has helped shape who I am today.”
– Kourtney Brewster, Consultant

“Being part of Acorio is a conscious decision, shaped by a variety of prior work experiences, many positive and some great lessons to learn from. One of the greatest qualities I appreciate is the diversity of talent that makes us who we are.  We are all passionately focused on helping clients succeed and it is inspiring to see every person contribute their unique perspectives and talents and it makes us better, every day.”
– Brian Murphy, CSO

“‘A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everyone else.’ Is a quote I have always loved (and looked for in all humans).

I have a distinct memory a few months after joining where Ellen, Jen, Marci. Dana and I were in discussion about a challenge that needed some needed attention. A collaborative plan was hatched to ensure the client got the exceptional service they deserved, but also for further enablement of the subject for two individuals, as well as support to ensure that while the client got what they needed to succeed, the individuals didn’t need to lose face.

There have been lots of moments where I have been reminded, I am proud to be at Acorio and work with the diversity of peeps here, that was definitely one of them.”
– Juliet Acuff, VP, Strategic Initiatives

While we understand and acknowledge there is still progress to be made worldwide, we’re proud to be a part of the change-makers, whose inclusive commitments include praising and valuing all voices – equally.

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