In a Year Like No Other, All We Can Say is Thank You

Thank you, 2020. No, really.

It may be a complicated year to count our blessings. But rarely is anything 100 percent bad: Gratitude, love, and humanity can be found on the flip side of almost everything this year has given us. And for us here at Acorio, the biggest of which is you – our clients, our peers, our ServiceNow community.

This year you reminded us that we really are a community. This year, not only did you invite us into your businesses, but into your homes. We met your dogs when they barked at the mailmen and smiled when your kids interrupted you to fix their Zoom classrooms… and we loved every moment of it.

As some of us are heading out for the holidays to celebrate the blessings this year has given us, we thought it was a good time to pause for a moment and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for inspiring us when we needed it most, thank you for supporting us through our biggest year to date, thank you for being part of our family and allowing us to be part of yours.