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Surviving Thriving at Knowledge 2019

We’re a month out from ServiceNow’s 2019 Knowledge Conference, and, to be frank – it’s time to start getting ready. If you’re lucky enough to be attending then you’ve already made a sizable investment! In order to make the most of it, we have a few tricks up our sleeves.

K19 will no doubt be the biggest ServiceNow event yet, with well over 600 different sessions (between labs, power sessions, CreatorCon, special interest groups, breakout groups, keynotes, and evening activities) covering 13 different industries and 12 ServiceNow product modules.

It can be overwhelming. Which might, in fact, be an understatement.

But with a month to go there is still time to get prepared and we’re here to give you a few resources and insights into what the week is going to be like, and how to not only survive but thrive.

1. Download the App

This is a tech conference after all, and with ServiceNow’s new focus on their platform being mobile optimized, you better believe that having access to the conference app will be essential.

Knowledge veteran tip? WiFi, as you probably know if you’re an avid event-goer, can be spotty – there are about 24,000 attendees they’re estimating to be there! So, remember to take screenshots of your sessions (especially what rooms they’ll be held in!) before you head into the conference.

2. Plan Your Sessions Ahead of Time

Maybe this is a no-brainer for Knowledge veterans, but seriously, plan your sessions out ahead of time. Better yet, use the app to plan out your sessions. You can view them all by day, bookmark ones that are interesting to you, and then narrow it down by your availability.

With 600+ sessions, you’ll need to have some criteria. ServiceNow has done a good job of tagging and curating their content by the following categories;

  • Level. Right off the bat, you can eliminate different sessions based on their level of expertise. If you are a ServiceNow newbie, then stick with beginning and intermediate level sessions. If you’ve been on the platform for years, jump right on into the expert activities.
  • Session type. This includes the keynotes (with big speakers like John Donohue), CreatorCon, Labs, Power Sessions, Theater Sessions, Special Interest Groups and more. Sorting based on session types will be one of the most general sorts you can do, and leave you with the most options throughout the day.
  • Job role. With thousands of people at the conference, you have the whole gamut of attendees, from CEO’s to Managers and Consultants. If you are interested in networking with your direct peers and discussing topics that are relevant to your specific job position (such as staffing projects or managing the Service Desk) then you might want to sort the sessions based on job role.
  • Industry. Again, you might want to network and discuss business problems and objectives that are specific to your daily undertakings. ServiceNow has tagged their sessions with 13 different industries so that you can do just that.

Play around with the app or the online portal to see what other criteria are relevant to you, like Business Objectives or ServiceNow Products, sort your sessions, and bookmark which ones might be right for you.

3. Remember You’re One of the Lucky Ones

We already mentioned that going to Knowledge is an investment, and certainly not everyone on your team or at your company who was interested in going can actually attend. But that doesn’t mean you can’t share the experience with them. Get the most out of your time away from the office by taking careful notes and sending daily summaries back to your team.

At Acorio, we also organize breakfast for those who are still in the office so they chow-down and watch the keynote live streams (plus compete for the title of K19 Bingo champion). We also have a group slack channel to discuss any interesting talking points. Try opening up your own lines of communications, to crowdsource questions from your peers, and share in the inspiration – that is Knowledge 2019.

4. Be Smart – Leverage your Resources

Being smart isn’t just about planning ahead for the big things – it’s about the little things too. Do you have comfy shoes? Are you going to remember to pack chapstick? What about a reusable water bottle? Extra charging cables?

There are sessions, then there are all the things you need to plan between sessions; food, drinks, naps (yes, naps), and work meeting spaces. Get the inside scoop on what you need to consider for these during our Knowledge19 Prep Session Webinar.

What happens when you leave Knowledge?

We all hope that we’re going to leave Knowledge with notebooks full of ideas of how to streamline efficiency, reduce resource burden, and transform your business. But truthfully, Knowledge is meant to inspire. There is a great possibility that you are going to leave the conference with questions you didn’t even know you should be asking.

The silver lining to that is – you now have the resources to get the answers. You’ve met peers during evening outings, ServiceNow partners during sessions and on the conference floor, and are probably carrying around a whole slew of papers and brochures.

To get the full scoop on what sessions to attend (recommended right from our Knowledge veterans), where to eat, how to get some well-deserved downtime and other K19 tips, register for our Knowledge 2019 Sneak Peek webinar.

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