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Acorio Honored as Top Women-Led Business in Massachusetts

There’s something special that happens when a company makes a concentrated effort to include women on its leadership team. Women make a difference at every level – in fact, companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are 15% more likely to outperform the competition.

Acorio is so thrilled to announce we were honored today as a Top Women-Lead Business in Massachusetts by The Commonwealth Institute (TCI), at their 19th annual awards breakfast – ranking #76 of the over 200,000 women-led or women-founded businesses in Massachusetts. Other nominees include Comcast, Morgan Stanley, PWC, Talbots, Boston Children’s Hospital, Webster Bank, Eastern Bank, and more.

Being inclusive of people of all walks of life is a critical pillar of Acorio’s Culture Code, expressed in terms of “Acorio is for everyone.” In fact, 50% of Acorio’s leadership team are women – an impressive stat when you consider, According to DDI world, industry averages in STEM organizations sit at about 18%.

Acorio’s CEO Ellen Daley reflected on her approach to diversity and inclusion – one of Acorio’s Culture Code tenets – on our most recent episode of the Candid Podcast. “I think the world does better when there’s diversity of every type, in every level of companies and organizations. Some of my strongest mentors have been men. Though I do find talking with other women leaders very rewarding because I think there’s more license to be myself. And that’s to be constantly self-doubting and self-critical so that I can strengthen. It’s just the way I am.”

In a company grounded in the concept, “there is no Them,” it goes without saying that we admire and appreciate all of our men leaders (and all our allies)! However this week, we are focusing a little bit on female empowerment, and highlighting a story celebrating each of our phenomenal women leaders.

Meet The Women of Acorio’s Leadership Team 

Today, we would like to introduce the women who comprise one-half of Acorio’s Leadership team. But rather than provide you with a bio of their vast experience, we thought we would ask one of their direct reports what it is about each of these stand-out women that makes them truly inspirational. Here’s what they had to say.

Christine Dostal headshotChristine Dostal, VP of Finance

“Christine inspires me with her tenacity and intellect.  She is not only my superior, but also my mentor.  She finds no task to be below her and like a true leader, will put herself in the trenches to assist in achieving our common goal.  She strives for excellence but is also aware of the human aspect which allows her to utilize these teaching moments to strengthen her team. 

I find myself consistently gaining more knowledge of my field as well as confidence in my professional abilities while under her guidance.  I am truly grateful to be able to call her my boss.”
– Christina Sweren, Staff Accountant

Ellen Daley headshotEllen Daley, CEO

“Endless energy is one way to think about Ellen.  So is inertia – and by that, I mean, that an object in motion will stay in motion.. Those are the kinds of things you think about when working with Ellen Daley.  She always has another gear or another cycle available.

Just when you think you’ve got something great, she can come in from another angle and make it 100 times better.  I’ve lost count of the times when her perspective changed the way we engaged with a client or structured an agreement.

In person, it’s always about the visuals and connecting.  I secretly have a WWEDD (what would Ellen Daley do) bracelet that I wear around the office.  If you aren’t “showing them something” or “drawing something” together, you likely are not connecting and there will be communication challenges.  Her weapon of choice, of course, is PowerPoint.  I like to think of it as her version of playing Fortnite…”
– Adam Mason, VP, Solutions & Innovation

Jen Miller headshotJen Miller, VP of People

I’ve learned so much from Jen since I started at Acorio; it’s hard to pick just one thing.

As I playback my time here, I keep going back to my first few months when it was just me and her working side by side. Those were the most instrumental months of my young career.

People is our product and it is at the heart of what we do. By putting culture first, investing in our brand, and leveraging data to influence alternative solutions to hire the best, Jen laid out the strategic role I would play in building “a once in a lifetime company”. After countless questions, meetings, prep sessions and even failures, Jen stayed by my side, guiding me every step of the way and sharing all of her experience to bolster mine. Week over week and month over month, I got stronger and stronger.

I learned how to run an award-winning Talent Acquisition function from Jen. I’ll always be able to take that with me wherever I go but what I learned the most was how to be an amazing, supportive, and selfless servant leader, just like Jen.
-Patrick Donlin, Talent Acquisition Manager

Juliet Acuff headshotJuliet Acuff, VP of Strategic Initiatives

I feel there are two types of bosses, those that manage and those that lead. I’ve been quite fortunate to have worked with some very good leaders, and also fortunate to have worked with some very poor managers.  Odd, right?  Not at all.  By working for poor managers, you realize how fortunate you are when you are with a great leader.  In actuality you work with a good leader, you work for a manager.

Juliet is most definitely in the Leader category.  Her communication style melds perfectly with mine; she’ll never ask me or anyone working on her team to do anything that she wouldn’t do (or try).  Even before I reported to her, I immediately noticed that her ability to establish and build upon relationships is the key to what makes her so outstanding.  She realizes that the key to any business is people.  None of us are one-size-fits-all, we are individuals with strengths, weaknesses, fears, and confidence in different things.  Understanding the person, their story, and goals is what allows her to assist us all in pushing our self-imposed boundaries. She knows that there’s better in each of us, and guides those working with and for her, she inspires all of us to be better forms of ourselves. 
– Tom Sweeney, Delivery Manager

Marci Parker headshotMarci Parker, VP of Client Delivery

Working for Marci has been an amazing experience.  She challenges her employees to think strategically about the growth of the company, while grounding us in the reality of how we operate.  This keeps us away from “pie in the sky” initiatives, and instead creates feasible and attainable goals that help Acorio continue to be one of the top members of the ecosystem. 

Marci is also dedicated to open and honest feedback, which has really helped me grow in my career.  She really understands that the success of her team means the success of Acorio.
-Damian R. Broccoli, Service Lead, Quality Assurance

Meghan Lockwood headshotMeghan Lockwood, VP of Marketing

Meghan is proof that when you’re passionate about something, strategic and thoughtful about your approach, and give it your all, you can create magic. Since she’s taken the Marketing department helm over three years ago, she has transformed Acorio into the premium brand we are today. In silently doing so, Meghan puts in the time and effort to share her knowledge with me and Sarah. She has the expertise to guide us in our professional journeys, but also the wisdom to let us grow and experiment – a characteristic many Acorians celebrate.

I started at Acorio as a marketing intern while finishing college. I had never heard of ServiceNow, never written an email campaign, never designed an eBook. Since then, it’s been at Meghan’s hands, I have learned not only how to do those tasks, but to be deliberate and holistic in my execution. She always reminds us to think of the “why” – nothing is accidental for Meghan. I am forever grateful for her selflessness and her generosity, which has molded me into the marketer and professional I am today.
Devon Clarke, Marketing Manager, Brand & Demand

To this team, I say, “Thank you.” You make me better every day, and I am so grateful to call you my peers.

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