Top Place to Work announcement

Our Very Own Moonshot: Making History As the No. 1 Top Place to Work for the 3rd Straight Year

It’s always a good day when you get to start your morning by shouting from the rooftops, “We did it again!!” What exactly did we do again you ask? For the third year in a row, our once-in-a-lifetime company was named the number one Top Place to Work by the Boston Globe.

We are the only company to win the top spot three years in a row. Ever.

It’s hard to articulate what an honor this is for our company. I truly believe that the reason we have succeeded as a high-performing consultancy – that has grown 100 percent year-over-year – is that we put our people first, building in purposeful structures and strategic initiatives that reflect the values we look for in our employees.

Dream big graphic with rocket and moonMaybe we have always dreamed a little bigger than we should. But how else do you create a company that is so rare and special? I could never point to a single aspect of our company and say that is the reason we are a success, but I believe that a company that both challenges and invests in its employees will be capable of shooting for the moon. This is the very reason that Employee Satisfaction is one of our five key business metrics, why we allocate 80-plus hours of training per employee per year, invest in rewards, and take the company away for an annual Summit.

To celebrate this Boston Globe honor, we asked our people to share what inspires their work here at Acorio, what it is about the company and the work we do that emboldens them to shoot for the moon. Here is what they had to say.

What makes this company so special, to me, was exemplified by the overwhelming number of responses that called out elements that are part of our documented Culture Code, including everyone’s willingness to punch above their weight, our diversity and inclusion, and rolling easy.

Our people are our ace in our sleeve. We can only hope that as we continue on this incredible momentum we’ve built up, we can keep on growing our Acorio community– always keeping in mind our commitment to authenticity, excellence, and “doing the right thing.”

Congratulations to all 2019 Boston Globe Top Places to Work honorees and thank you to each and every one of my fellow Acorians – this award is for you!

Acorio team celebrating