Customer Service strategy eBook on tablet

12 Days of Giving: Day Six. Determine The Potential Business Value of a Holistic Customer Service Strategy

Day six. Is it even possible that we are already at the half-way point of our 12 Days of Giving? It’s hard to believe considering the best is yet to come. In the next few days, you will be greeted by a brand new Service Portal Lookbook, an ITBM eBook, and there are even rumors of an Asset Management eBook. But before any of those get released, we’re charging ahead with today’s gift to you. Today you are going to be given the resources to revolutionize your Customer Service.

The age-old saying “the customer always comes first” continues to drive modern organizations to spend millions of dollars annually on the latest technology and solutions. And yet, many of those same organizations feel the daily pain of slow response times, siloed information, and low customer satisfaction scores.

We could talk about the innovations in automation technology, chatbots, and self-service, but the long and short of it is that if you do not have a holistic cross-enterprise approach to your Customer Service strategy you will continue to be underserving your base, losing valuable customers.

Not entirely sure if your company is experiencing the pitfalls of outdated Customer Service? Before you decide to stop reading, see if any of these sound familiar…

  • Your department silos hinder your ability to resolve issues. 19% of customers contact Customer Service 7 or more times to address their requests.
  • Your Customer Service is only able to solve issues reactively. Only 17% of customers are satisfied with the action taken to resolve their most serious problems before they get in touch with the Customer Service department.
  • Your customers are not able to help themselves. 40% of customers prefer digital Customer Service versus a phone call with an agent.

ServiceNow’s CSM tools don’t just provide you with Virtual Agent or Self-Service. The platform actually enables you to create a proactive and holistic Customer Service strategy- connecting Customer Service to other departments with tools like visual task boards, automated workflows, and even leverages your organization’s CMDB.

But we’re not here to lecture you, it’s 12 Days of Giving after all! If you want to jump right to the gift part, you can download our CSM eBook here to discover how to create a Customer Service strategy that will surpass your customer’s expectations. If you want to read more, continue on for a closer look at how Retail and Franchises can solve for their biggest Customer Service issues.

Customer Service Strategy ebook on tablet


Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg: CSM Strategy for Retail

Providing and managing IT Infrastructure support to customers is a challenge for most companies today, but for organizations with distributed stores or a franchise model, it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Aside from just customers who shop at their stores, organizations that run on a franchise-model must also support the individual stores themselves. From issues regarding inventory or service outages, organizations must ask themselves how they can best serve and provide for their franchises – in addition to their customers. With ServiceNow CSM, you can provide quick, convenient service, reliable and streamlined communication, and an efficient solution process for any issues that arise in your franchise stores by enhancing their IT structure and digital infrastructure.

Here are some ways stores and franchises can solve their frustrations:

1. Define hierarchies (based on geographic or ownership models). By building this system, you increase the overall visibility and give the stores or franchise control over service issues or requests. Another perk is that the hierarchy gives client companies the ability to define the terms, contracts, and service level specific to store or franchise ownership.

2. Enable stores to self-manage users with CSM. ServiceNow’s CSM enables stores and franchisees to manage their own users without involving the Company’s IT Infrastructure team, alleviating the burden of store contact management from the Company’s IT Infrastructure team.

3. Provide Operational Services On-Site. With the Field Service Management application, stores and franchises can streamline onsite services for maintaining and repairing store assets. It can be leveraged for onboarding a new store or new service with streamlined tasks and asset management. Additionally, suppliers and vendors can maintain their relationships across multiple stores and keep their interactions with the IT Infrastructure team organized.

4. Collaborate among Stores with Communities. Collaboration amongst communities is an essential component of a self-service strategy. Along with knowledge, communities allow store employees to get quick answers to their issues by crowdsourcing and troubleshooting with their peers in other stores. By encouraging team members to work together across the franchise, this approach enables employees to solve their own technical issues, thereby deflecting additional work from the support teams.

Ready for more? You can download our CSM eBook for more industry-specific suggestions and an overview of ServiceNow’s CSM capabilities. Or – if you’re in the mood for a conversation, check out our CSM webinar with Acorio’s CSM Practice Lead.