Understanding the Workflow Revolution: Knowledge 2020 Bill McDermott Keynote Recap

We’re nearing the end of Knowledge with just over a week of digital content left. Parading us to the end was this week’s keynote by Bill McDermott, CEO of ServiceNow.

McDermott’s keynote, interspaced with interviews with CJ Desai and Amy Lokey, is charismatic but brimming with the complexities that McDermott knows enterprises are facing. Amid his big statements like “ServiceNow will be the defining enterprise software company of the 21st century” we also heard more frank (and enlightening) statements about how exactly ServiceNow is serving their thousands of customers.

“We are bringing the Workflow Revolution to every industry to accelerate digital transformation. In the telecommunications industry, the Now Platform and 5G will intersect to fundamentally reinvent legacy experiences. We will give financial services leaders innovative new tools to strengthen customer loyalty as the economy begins to reopen at scale. Together with our partners, we have never been more inspired to help our customers meet all the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century economy.” – Bill McDermott, CEO, ServiceNow

Among all three ServiceNow executives, COVID-19 and the Return to Workplace was a common thread. Overall, it’s not a question of whether employees might engage differently. They absolutely will, and it is incumbent on smart organizations to pivot ahead of those needs and rethink their internal and external service models.

ServiceNow stands to be those models, through their workflows. The processes that determine how companies meet employees and customers in the future must be seamless, enjoyable, and thoughtful. They will do that by leveraging advanced platform technology, mobility, and predictive analytics to make that experience seamless to the outsider. The “Platform of Platforms” strategy that ServiceNow has embraced is accelerating and automating these workflows. This frees up employees to have more time to invent and innovate for their clients, and amid COVID, removes the burden of employee safety concerns.

To watch the full keynote address, click here.

In addition to the headliner keynote, four industry keynote addresses were roled out, some of which introduced new products to the ecosystem. We’ve collected a highlight of them below.

New Product Highlights

Telecommunications Products: ServiceNow’s new Telecommunications Service Management and Telecommunications Network Performance Management products will enable service providers to deliver better experiences to customers, contact center agents, and network operations teams so they can maximize their network technology investments while helping to reduce costs.

Built on the Now Platform, the products will extend ServiceNow’s capabilities in customer service and network operations with new telecommunications-specific apps for Proactive Customer Care and Automated Service Assurance. The new products will enable service providers to better manage customer requests and quickly identify network issues for faster resolution. Service providers will be able to easily connect with their customers’ systems so they can deliver a superior experience at a significantly reduced cost.

To learn more, visit the ServiceNow blog.

Financial Services Product: Today, employees in operations at financial institutions spend too much time searching for data and answers scattered across multiple systems and departments. Employees often manage these workflows with spreadsheets and emails, which leave customers with slow turnaround times and limited visibility when they interact with their financial institution. The new Financial Services Operations product will transform operational processes and empower employees from front through back office to deliver differentiated customer experiences.

Purpose-built for financial services, the new product will streamline common customer requests such as credit limit increases and payment inquiries, extending ServiceNow’s customer service capabilities with an initial focus on banking operations. With workflows connected end-to-end, financial institutions can maximize operational efficiency, significantly reduce operating and compliance costs, and increase customer loyalty.

To learn more, visit the ServiceNow blog.