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5 of Your Questions from Our ServiceNow Paris Webinar… With Answers Directly from the Experts

After last month’s Paris release, we held our bi-annual ServiceNow release webinar, this time gathering Marci Parker, Wally Waltner, and John McCormick to discuss some of the best features in the new update as well as how to actually go through a successful upgrade at your own company.

Throughout the live webinar, our listeners asked some great questions. And you know the old adage, that if you have a question chances are someone else has the same question. So today, we’re compiling the answers to five of the Paris’ webinar questions we received from attendees.

Of course, you are still welcome to jump in and watch the whole webinar.  With the full recording available online, our team’s presentation paints a complete picture of ServiceNow’s latest release including: details on the huge Asset Management updates from Wally, an insight into John’s passion for Workspace, and overarching ServiceNow inspiration and platform mastery from Marci.

5 Questions from Our ServiceNow Paris Webinar

Question One: Have your clients’ done integrations with ORDR or ARMIS as Discovery Normalization sources?

Get the Full Answer: The full answer can be heard at 12.30 in the webinar.

This was a great question – and the first one we got during the webinar.

It is exactly the use case for Software Asset Connections, being able to sit down and look at – from an API perspective – how do I interpret what that Discovery looks like from both a device and application standpoint and then actually be able to run that through the same engine that ServiceNow Discovery works through, providing that consistent representation of what we see on the end device.

Question Two: How does this Normalization take current Hardware products and model records in use and transform those to Normalized records? How do you move from your current state to this new Normalized state?

Get the Full Answer: The full answer can be heard at 21.05 in the webinar.

From the Normalization standpoint, you can take those current model records and go through the exercise to align them to what is currently out-of-box (OOB) in the new content library.

We’re certainly not saying that there won’t be any work involved, because there will be, but it is a one-time exercise that really falls into the normal alignment work that you have to do during any upgrade. Plus, the added benefits are well worth the effort.

Question Three: Are your CMDB and AMDB the same database, just with different views?

Get the Full Answer: The full answer can be heard at 22.05 in the webinar.

This has an easy short answer… yes.

That’s one of the things that makes ServiceNow powerful: The difference between the CMDB and AMDB is that they are really just different objects within the same database. They are tightly synced in order to represent the whole perspective, not just the physical view but the logical and operational views as well (plus all of these are tied to the financial and contractual view.)

Question Four: Can assets be scanned in or is typing in the asset tag data the only option for our Field Services Techs?

Get the Full Answer: The full answer can be heard at 58.50 in the webinar.

You can scan all day long.

In fact, one of the cool things in Paris is that instead of scan-commit, scan-commit, scan-commit… it’s scan-scan-scan then commit the update. That’s particularly important when you’re doing, for example, a reconciliation of a stockroom. You don’t want to have to go back and forth and this small efficiency update is a huge win for that.

Question Five: Does Service Now provide ‘training’ material – for new features, etc.?

Get the Full Answer: The full answer can be heard at 53.22 in the webinar.

Yes, yes, and yes. ServiceNow does provide training material, you can find resources on their dotcom, on NowLearning, user-driven help on the Community, as well as paid instructor-lead content. It all depends on what type of help you are looking for or what level you personally are looking to raise your skills.

Of course, if you are looking for more information about Paris specifically we also have a few resources that can help. You can check out our on-demand Paris webinar (where we answer more questions like the ones above) or you can check out our downloadable Paris Release eBook.


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